Can Walker close the deal?

I’m beginning to wonder if County Executive Scott Walker should be taken seriously as a candidate for governor in 2010. After all, he’s been working hard on his 2010 gubernatorial campaign since his failed 2006 gubernatorial campaign, and yet he can’t seem to close the deal when it comes to gaining the support of influential Republicans in Wisconsin.

First came the news that James Klauser, a former top aide and adviser to four-time Gov. Tommy Thompson, told Thompson’s old contributors and pals to back ex-Congressman Mark Neumann in the expected fight next year for the Republican nomination for governor. Then came the news that former ambassador and state Republican Party chairman Rick Graber is undecided as well, leaving me to wonder if outstate Republicans are having doubts about Scott Walker’s ability to win a statewide election.

Then again, given Walker’s performance in the 2006 Republican gubernatorial primaries, I’d be worried about his chances to win a statewide election if I were a Republican, and that’d give me cause to consider the candidacy of Mark Neumann.


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3 thoughts on “Can Walker close the deal?

  1. Blah! IF Walker runs for Governor we will have Doyle for another term. I don’t know much about Mark Neumann…he was before my time as far as when I started to pay attention to politics…but from what I read about him he seems like a far more qualified candidate. He may have a chance to beat Doyle if he gets out there (and not on a Harley…how lame) and really makes himself known since he has been out of politics for awhile now.

    I read somewhere (can’t remember where) that Neumann decided not to run in 2006 because he was trying to be respectful towards Walker who was facing off with Green. I think Walker should think about doing the same now for Neumann. But…I bet Walker doesn’t have what it takes to show that kind of sense.

  2. Anon, it’s not a matter of if; Walker has already filed the paperwork. To be honest, I don’t see Walker beating Mark Neumann in a Republican gubernatorial primary, so I don’t think you’ll have to worry about Walker getting beat by Doyle.

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