Don’t buy American; that’d be treason!

So says “Flashy” over at On the BorderLine:

No red-blooded American can stoop so low as to purchase a UAW built automobile. It was stupid to do it before, it is treasonous to do it now.

Now I understand many conservatives harbor a lot of hatred for labor unions and those who belong to said labor unions, but what I’d like to know is when it became treasonous to support American workers.

Shouldn’t we all – regardless of political ideology – be rooting for American workers to succeed? After all, supporting American workers seems like the patriotic thing to do, but then again, some conservatives have a funny definition of patriotism.


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3 thoughts on “Don’t buy American; that’d be treason!

  1. yeah,,,no matter how hard I try, I just can’t follow flashy’s logic.

    But perhaps he is trying to say that a purchase of UAW car is a vote for bailouts? or it’s a vote for disfunctional labor/management teams?

    If so, that’s a far cry from treason. Financially irresponsible: maybe. Treason: um, no.

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