State workers raking in overtime pay

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting some state workers have been raking in overtime pay. In at least one case, a worker earned enough overtime pay to double her yearly salary. What’s worse, eight of the twenty top-paid correctional officers in 2006 called in sick for a shift and then worked the immediate next shift at least once, earning eight hours of regular pay for the time they were off and eight hours of time-and-a-half pay for the shifts they worked. That smacks of sick leave abuse to me, but then again, I don’t know all the details.

Now here’s the problem as I see it with the current overtime situation: if the state hires more workers to cut overtime costs, some conservatives will undoubtedly will scream about the fact that more workers were hired – thus increasing the size of government – but conversely, if the state doesn’t hire more workers, thus reducing overtime costs, then conservatives will complain about all the money being spent on overtime costs.

Seems to me like a no-win situation.


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15 thoughts on “State workers raking in overtime pay

  1. Zach, since you are a state worker as well and work for the very department you site, don’t you think you owe it to your readers and the public for you to tell people that YOU have not abused the system?

    Since you have a personal connection to the situation and a close perspective this would be a great opportunity to display the proper leadership.

    I was not surprised that you didn’t answer the questions on Kevin Fischer’s blog about if you would be ok to have the state audit your computer for blogging on state time.

    My question to you is, is that why some time ago you took the time stamp off of your blog?

  2. Good news Steve!

    I work as part of a federally-funded grant, and thus I’m not eligible to work any overtime, so you don’t have to worry about me!

    As for the question on Fisch’s blog, I’ll just say I don’t blog on state time; I know better. Now despite your “conspiracy theory,” the time stamp wasn’t removed from my blog some time ago – it was removed two days ago when I switched blog themes. If you want me to add a time stamp back to set your mind at ease about the times that I blog, then I’ll see if I can figure out how to add a time stamp. After all, I don’t want you worrying about when I’m blogging!

    Since you asked me a couple of questions, I’d like to ask you one: how do you feel about state employees abusing their leave time by taking more paid time off than what they actually have to use? I’d be curious to know how you feel about that!

  3. Zach, I think what Kevin Fischer did of “abusing their leave time by taking more paid time off than what they actually have to use” was wrong and he should be reprimanded with a file placed in his folder and if it happens again, FIRED! That is theft of time!

  4. Steve, I’ve already debunked your conspiracy theory…the Google cache isn’t accurate. If you want proof, just look at the Twitter update. Call me a liar all you want, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re wrong. The time stamp disappeared when I changed themes two days ago, and I know it’s difficult for you to wrap your brain around because you’ve got some weird vendetta against me.


  5. Boy…it’s a good thing I don’t have a blog. I have don’t have any idea what the heck you guys are arguing about. I don’t know what google cache or twitter is either. But…I am familiar with the sounds of a snoring spouse. 😉 He’s going to the sleep doctor on the 27th…whoo hoo!

  6. Zach, it is the old theme. That is before you changed it!

    You have something to hide. See people that lie will make mistakes, even the librals who are good at lying will become careless and make a mistake like you did. You didn’t think anyone would notice something like that and now you are back tracking.

    Will you willingly allow an audit of your computers to see if you are blogging and commenting on state work time?

  7. Steve, I’m sorry that you can’t seem to grasp this. There’s nothing to hide, because despite your grand theories, the timestamp only went missing from my blog in the past two days. Your own screenshot of the Google cache that you posted over on your blog even proves my point, but I know you just can’t admit that you’re wrong.

    But hey, keep on keepin’ on!

  8. Anon, all you need to understand is that it’s someone trying really really hard to drum up a “controversy” where none exists.

  9. No Zach, I stand by what the cached file shows. SEE that is proof, not some liberal liar claiming it just happen.

    Anon, all you need to understand is the picture shows the old theme before Zach the big liar changed to his new blog theme. The theme is in the important part since you can see on time just a date format.

    Zach I don’t how I have to get through your block head that the theme is the important part not the side bar content. The old theme has not time just a date format. The date format is how you add the time! They go hand in hand, my foolish hiding something caught with the hand in the cookie jar blogger.

    The time/date function and style change. In wordpress, they are not bound to the theme.

    You set the format for your blog at:
    Options > General > Date & Time > Default date format or Default time format not in the theme section!

    You can find the themes in your WordPress administration area > Appearance > Themes.

    Not in the same area!

    Anon, just do a google search for Bloggingblue and see for yourself! ZACH IS LYING! It is the change of the theme that he claims is the reason the time is missing, but the captured picture is of his old theme! The themes take whatever date/time format you currently have.

    Zach, you should have given some other lame excuse, like when you unblocked me that is when the date went missing.

    Zach you are caught just like when you blocked me from blogging on your site. You were afraid I might tell your readers something that would have hurt your chances of getting on the school board.

    Just keep squirming and lying. People will see the evidence and make up their own minds.

    That “Anon” doesn’t sound like the same lady from South Milwaukee that is computer savvy that is known around the blogosphere.

    Anon and the rest of his readers! I give proof, not just my word! That is much more than Zach has given you.

    Anon, the reply Zach gave you was very condescending!

  10. Steve, explain something to me. How did a Google cache that was supposedly taken on April 9, 2009 also include a Twitter update that I made yesterday (April 18, 2009)? Are you trying to tell us that Google can predict the future? The reality here is the Google cache was taken yesterday, but you just can’t seem to wrap your brain around that.

    I know you’re really anxious to drum up some sort of controversy because you’ve got some sort of vendetta against me, but you’ve got nothing. What’s more, it’s ironic that you criticize me for “attacking” people, yet look what you’re doing – attacking people. And here’s the funniest thing about all your ranting: all my entries have time stamps, and so it’s plain to see what I’ve posted and when I’ve posted it, since you seem to be so worried about when I’m posting.

  11. Zach, my mistake. I might be mistake, but you are still a liar!!!!

    It just didn’t disappear, the time stamp that is. A reader emailed me this from September 30 2008 and you can see, you never had the time turned on. So your lame excuse that the theme change just did it is pure bull shit!

    Please look at the new evidence that has surfaced!

    Zach the liar!!! Thank GOD you didn’t win the school board race.

    My guess is you just didn’t want people to know what time you are doing things.

    Still didn’t answer the question!

    Will you let the state audit your computers to see if you blogged or commented on state time?

  12. Steve, don’t worry; I get audited every month by my supervisor. What’s more, our department’s technology folks have seen fit to prevent internet access to blogs, message boards, personal email, game sites, etc. through the use of their fabulous technology. I know you really want to believe I spend my time at work screwing around, but that simply isn’t the case. In fact, feel free to go through my blog entries and their time stamps, and I’m sure you’ll see an interesting trend, that being the fact that my blog entries are done either before I go to work in the morning or after I get home, with the exception of days that I’m not at work.

    What I’m wondering is if you have anything to add to any of the conversations going on here, besides insults and name calling. If you want to try to tear me down, feel free to do so over at your blog; otherwise don’t waste my bandwidth with your nonsense.

  13. Steve…leave me out of your comments. I come here to read what Zach writes and I really couldn’t care less about what you have to say.

  14. So Zach, it is ok for you and the rest of the left to take a subjects off topic, but I cannot, even though my discussions are related?

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