Possible Favre unretirement motivated by revenge?

According to Gary Myers of the New York Daily News, yet another possible Brett Favre unretirement this offseason might be in the works (no shock there), and that any decision on Favre’s part to come back is likely the result of a desire on Favre’s part for revenge against the Green Bay Packers:

One NFL source insists Favre can’t peacefully retire until he finds a way to get revenge on the Packers. He wants back into the NFC North so he can face the Packers twice. The Bears traded for Jay Cutler and the Lions drafted Matthew Stafford. Hello, Minnesota.

“Favre can’t stand Green Bay,” the source said. “He wants to play Green Bay and say, ‘I told you so.’ His bitterness is creating this. I think he’s calling Minnesota. I think Minnesota is talking about this as we speak. You haven’t heard the end of Favre. No way. He is bionic. As long as somebody will let him in, he will play.”

To be honest, it’s sad to see what Brett Favre has become; instead of being remembered first and foremost for all his great accomplishments as a Green Bay Packer, he’ll be remembered instead as just another example of a great athlete who hung on way too long – Michael Jordan being another great example.

What’s more, even with Brett Favre, I don’t see the Vikings winning the NFC North, much less the Super Bowl, because Favre’s an aging quarterback who quite possibly has a bad arm, as he never did have his injury from last season surgically repaired.

The Packer fan in me hopes Brett Favre comes back from retirement for one more season with the Vikings, because I’d love to see him and his new team get crushed twice by the Packers.


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8 thoughts on “Possible Favre unretirement motivated by revenge?

  1. I’m over Favre. I know I’ll be listening to a lot less sports talk because they’ll keep talking about it. Blah.

    However, the Brewers are playing pretty well and we will find out on this next road trip a little more about the team. Will our pitching hold up? I’m looking forward to a long baseball season this year with another extended fall – by the Brew crew.

  2. Oh geez…this is sending my hubby right over the edge. I’m not sure I can take another year of Favre. I was so so so happy when I thought it was finally over last year. Argh.

  3. ahhh….just let the guy play.

    I’ll turn 45 this year and I’m still playing city league softball and bball. and if my current gig ever runs dry, you betcha I’ll be looking for another.

    I aint dead yet. I wanna play.

    Brett anit dead yet. Let him play for whoever he can get to let him play.

  4. I’m not stopping him. I’m just saying it’s hard to compete with my husband’s boyfriend (Favre). 😉

    45 years old and still playing? Wow. You aren’t going through a mid-life crisis or something?? Just kidding…or maybe…just wondering…LOL.

  5. So you criticize Favre for motives of revenge, but your own motives of revenge (wanting to have him beaten senseless with his own arm) are okay?

    Don’t forget, the Packers had the ultimate say — ‘we don’t want you anymore Brett’.

    If he still wants to play, so be it.

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