The new GOP, same as the old GOP

Meet the “new” GOP….surprisingly similar to the old GOP:

And since we’re talking about everything old being new again, here’s some of the new and fresh ideas Scott Walker and Mark Neumann want to bring to the 2010 governor’s race:

I guess if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it…or something like that.


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4 thoughts on “The new GOP, same as the old GOP

  1. Actually with the GOP it’s “If I say it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and just brush all those pieces under the rug, and wipe up all that oil, and forget that banging noise cause nothin’s broke. …Not here. …move along nothin to see…”

  2. Let’s hit Mr. Wineke’s points one by one, shall we?

    “The ‘Party of No’ Presents: The Candidates of No New Ideas”: It was Hillary Clinton, powerful national Democrat, who told us dissent is patriotic.

    Walker is Launching His Campaign with an Attack: Name one candidate who never went negative. Empty criticism.

    He Focused on Criticizing Doyle’s Policies: Substitute “Doyle’s” for “Bush’s”…eh, worked for Obama.

    Walker Hasn’t Released a Counterproposal: …to what? Be specific Mr. Wineke.

    Mark Neumann, Also is Weighing a Run: …nothing to that one, next…

    He Has a Lot in Common With Scott Walker: again, no substance, next…

    He Didn’t Offer More Details: …blah blah blah…

    The Republican Party Doesn’t Need a New Message: …a snippet brought to you by the bumpersticker party…

    There’s Nothing Wrong With the Message: I’ve never seen a dead horse beaten so badly in under 60 seconds.

    Tell Joey not to buy airtime with that one…pretty lame…not to mention a straight rip-off of the cheesy red curtain presented in the hollow DNC ad.

  3. Name one candidate who never went negative. Empty criticism.

    Roland, there’s no denying negative attacks are as much a part of political campaigning as anything else, but you don’t find it more than a little odd that Scott Walker devoted so much of his candidacy announcement speech – which was his chance to show folks who he is and what he stands for – to attacking Jim Doyle? Maybe I’m old school, but I’ve always believed an announcement speech should be an uplifting, optimistic speech, not a speech full of negativity and attacks.

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