‘Do Tell’ Michele

…but why?

The great Republican President Abraham Lincoln once said : “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

Oh, Michele, you should listen to your betters.

“You’re going to wake up some morning and find out that 65 percent of what you make goes to the federal government,” warns U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann in a decidedly odd video from this month’s Minnesota GOP Central committee meeting.

Do tell, Michele. Do tell.

Go HERE to read the article and watch the surreptitiously-made video of the Minnesota GOP central committee meeting. I am not a fan of ‘sneak videos’ but because Michele Bachmann is such a kook I am providing that link. The video is not worth watching all the way through, but help yourself if you must.

Republicans are not immune from invasions by 9/11 Truthers either, as you will see in the article.


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2 thoughts on “‘Do Tell’ Michele

  1. Yes. I laughed. My experience is that census takers are trained to deal with refusals. First, you are required to answer every question asked or you may face criminal charges. You may elect to respond by citing your Fifth Amendment rights but you will need to respond to every question that way. I have personal experience in 1980 with this approach.
    The census takers are prepared to answer any and every query about why the questions are being asked.
    After 30 minutes of refusing to answer questions, I asked if I had to tell the truth and the census taker said ‘no’. From that point forward, my answers became humorous. I invited her in, made some coffee, and we chatted for about 90 minutes about her experiences with reluctant responders like myself and how she and her manager often had to go together to obtain compliance with census law. She had some great stories about rifles and recluses.
    I think I had one of the more unique census submissions that year. 10,000 sq ft house, no bathrooms but a privy outside. I was truthful regarding all questions about number of people, names, ages, etc. I was truthful on every question related to handicap people in the house, etc.
    I was particularly obtuse and objectionable about a combination of questions that went: How many times have you been married? How many of those marriages ended because of death of spouse or annullment? I saw this as a sleazy way of asking how many times I had been divorced. I thought that was none of my government’s darn business. It was that combination of questions that got my dander up.
    ‘Do tell’ Michele can say whatever she wants but the census takers have their own set of tools to gain her compliance.

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