Early Wisconsin governor/senate polling

Here’s some baseline polling for the 2010 gubernatorial and senate elections here in Wisconsin, courtesy of Daily Kos:

Jim Doyle (D-inc) 48
Scott Walker (R)

Undecided 16
Jim Doyle (D-inc) 49
Mark Neumann (R) 35
Undecided 16
Jim Doyle (D-inc) 45
Tommy Thompson (R) 47
Undecided 8

While Gov. Doyle’s approval rating is nothing spectacular at this point, he’s still close to the 50% mark against his both of his likely opponents in 2010, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker and former WI-01 Rep. Mark Neumann. At this point, neither Walker nor Neumann is terribly well known at this point, with half the poll sample having no opinion of Walker, while a third doesn’t know Neumann. Whether or not Gov. Doyle seeks reelection – and I’m convinced he won’t – he’ll be facing a very close election, but thus far, the numbers certainly look to be in his favor, despite his low approval rating.

Moving on to the other big race in the 2010 election in Wisconsin, incumbent U.S. Senator Russ Feingold enjoys a healthy lead over both Rep. Paul Ryan and former Rep. Mark Green:

Russ Feingold (D-inc) 53
Paul Ryan (R) 32
Undecided 15
Russ Feingold (D-inc) 52
Mark Green 34
Undecided 14

Keep in mind the fact that neither Green nor Ryan have indicated they have any desire to run against Sen. Feingold. Then again, considering how bare the cupboard is for the GOP in Wisconsin, I think Republicans would be hard-pressed to find anyone who could give Sen. Feingold a real run for his money. The 2010 election may very well turn out to be the easiest campaign Sen. Feingold has had, and it could give him his largest margin of victory ever.


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5 thoughts on “Early Wisconsin governor/senate polling

  1. Count me as one who hopes Doyle decides to hamg ’em up and give Lawton a shot. But I have to take you to task on some of your reasoning, Zach:

    “Whether or not Gov. Doyle seeks reelection…he’ll be facing a very close election…”

    I think if he takes that “or not” option, he actually then wouldn’t be facing a close election. 😉

    I don’t think Feingold will draw a top tier challenge. The GOP (and Ryan) are gonna wait til 2012 when they can get an open seat race if Kohl retires.

  2. JCG, point taken on my reasoning…mistakes happen, even to the best of us.

    However, you can count me as someone who would like to see Gov. Doyle hang ’em up so Lawton can have a shot. Though I know she’d derided in some conservative circles, I think she’d shine if given the chance to be at the top of a ticket.

    I also think you’re probably right about Rep. Ryan waiting until 2012. I see Sen. Feingold’s reelection in 2010 as being easier than in any of his previous elections, no matter the opponent.

  3. I was just teasing ya about the mistyping. Typically your logical flow is impecible, kind sir!

  4. Feingold is untouchable. The last competitive race of his career will be the ’98 election. He’s done what a lot of politicos believe to be impossible: be a principled liberal in a moderate state. Feingold has managed to be in every way a intellectual, NyTimes brand progressive while staying extremely close to the state and keeping up with being an outspoken advocate for the state on all relevant issue (agriculture, etc.) People simply trust him too much for him to lose. Paul Ryan is too ambitious to engage in such a futile race.

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