Income Tax Reciprocity?

How does this actually work?

I see here that Minnesota is waiting for Wisconsin to pay the income tax monies owed to it under the tax reciprocity agreement with Minnesota.
Does this also exist with Illinois? If not what do border crossing workers do?

Minnesota and Wisconsin have had a tax reciprocity agreement in place since 1968. It allows residents who cross the border for work to pay income taxes in only their home state rather than both.

State officials say 57,000 Wisconsin residents work in Minnesota, more than twice the number of Minnesotans who work in Wisconsin. Wisconsin makes up the for the disparity with annual payments to Minnesota of more than $100 million. But Gov. Pawlenty said the current 17-month delay for those payments is just too long.

What is the likelihood that Gov. Doyle will make sure that Minnesota receives its money sooner rather than later?


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