Is this is what socialism looks like?

Since the before election of President Barack Obama, it became commonplace in some circles to hear cries of “Socialism! Communism!” in regards to President Obama’s policies and beliefs. After the U.S. government stepped in and became majority owner of a failing General Motors, the cries of a steady march towards socialism intensified, and thanks to Cory Liebmann, I’ve got a handy pie chart that shows exactly what socialism looks like here in America:

Socialism pie chart

Clearly, our government is in the hands of socialists.

H/T to Cory Liebmann.


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12 thoughts on “Is this is what socialism looks like?

  1. Nobody could have predicted that right wingers were so out of touch with reality.

  2. I guess it really all depends on which right wingers we’re talking about, because I know more than a few that aren’t out of touch.

  3. Zach- Actually a good visual if your trying to minimalize the situation, but for someone of my leaning, I see that one single virus… the infection…

  4. Rabbit, you do have a point, but then the argument could be made that the “virus” has infected almost every world government, no matter how liberal or conservative.

  5. The problem is that the disease you speak of-socialism- is PROGRESSIVE.

    It is PROGRESSIVELY undermining the social, moral and economic fabric of the country. It is NOT the free market that gave us this meltdown, but the numerous socialist policies, state, local and federal, plus lots and lots of interference in the marketplace that got us here.

    Obama’s cure is to give us more-much much more- of the same medicine that caused the disease. Expect a MINIMUM of a decade long depression. Quite likely we have seen the zenith of our prosperity-and freedom.

  6. “…the “virus” has infected almost every world government, no matter how liberal or conservative.”

    Zach, what other country’s do is really (relatively speaking) irrelevant, because we are supposed to be bound by our Constitution. It and it alone is supposed to settle all scores. The President swore to support and defend it. He did NOT swear to support and defend what almost every world government does. Even though it sounds reasonable, it’s just not all that relevant compared to our Constitution.

    Also, if you jumped off of the Sears tower, but were only .21% into your descent, would that statistic calm you down and “put things into perspective”? Maybe so.

    This is why I blog, because people say stuff like “almost every world government” and “put things in perspective” and it likely sounds profound to many people. But the alternative views of the same facts are quite different.

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