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  1. OK, underthe guise of there is no such thing as a stupid question, I don’t mind asking this because there may very well be some one else that is just as clueless as me:

    What exactly was this alluding to that is suppoesedly illegal?

  2. Rich-

    According to WI Election Laws (ch 11.38) no corporation may make a donation to a candidate, unless it has a separate segregated fund; i.e. a Political Action Committee (PAC). The PAC is required to file all expenditures and contributions with the State to provide transparency in electioneering.

    I will let you decide if there has been any illegal activity for yourself.

  3. I get the law.

    BUT, what exactly was this alluding to that is suppoesedly illegal? i.e. who gave who money for what when how etc?

    1. Rich, Walker’s motorcycle trip across Wisconsin has been funded in large part by AirTran. In addition to being county executive, Walker is also a declared gubernatorial candidate.

  4. I still don’t get it. Are you saying that he should step down from his role as County exec because he’s running for govenor? are you saying that he should not promote Milwaukee tourism?

    Just to remind you, the “motorcycle trip” is a PROMOTion for tourism. Are you saying that it’s not?

    1. No Rich, I’m not saying Scott Walker should step down as County Exec because he’s running for governor; I’m simply saying he shouldn’t be accepting corporate financing for his supposed “tourism” tour.

      As for the real purpose for Walker’s motorcycle tour, I’m saying it seems awfully fishy that he’s got his gubernatorial campaign staff involved in the planning of the trip. Don’t you find that a bit odd?

  5. Fact: This is the 6th! annual tourism trip. It may have been “odd” and “supposed” the first time, or maybe the 2nd, but the 6th??? Cmon. Six years of this makes it no oddity and wipes out its supposedesness.

    Fact: It’s a tourism promotion. But you say that the tourism promotional tour should not recieve corporate sponsorship; ok, I’ll bite…based on what? Or maybe this is another way to ask the same question: What exactly was this video alluding to that is supposedly illegal?

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