Scott Walker: Master of Disinformation

In what should come as a shock to absolutely no one who’s been paying attention to Milwaukee County politics over the past 7 years Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker has once again mis-stated the current state of the County’s budget in order to suit his own agenda of downsizing and privatization of County government (emphasis mine):

Milwaukee County’s budget shortfall this year would be only a small fraction of the $15 million figure County Executive Scott Walker has used to justify cutting employee pay, curtailing services and threatening hundreds of layoffs, according to a report released Monday.

The county faces a $650,000 shortfall for 2009, according to the report by County Auditor Jerome Heer and Stephen Cady, the County Board’s fiscal and budget analyst.

County supervisors seized on the report as evidence that Walker jumped the gun on his deficit fixes.

First let’s recap the numbers, then I’ve got a question.

Walker’s hypothetical shortfall:

Actual projected shortfall:

$15,400,000.00 – $650,00.00 = $14,750,000.00

Scott Walker mis-stated the County’s budget deficit to the tune of 14.75 million dollars, no small sum of money, at least in my opinion, which brings me to my question. If Scott Walker hasn’t managed to master the intricacies of Milwaukee County’s budget after 7 years as County Executive, how can he be counted on to get the state’s budget fixed, as he’s promised to do in his gubernatorial campaign? Further, why should Walker be given a promotion, considering he hasn’t yet mastered the job he has?

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