The Recall Doyle movement: a bastion of tolerance, part deux

Last week I blogged about a supporter of the “Recall Doyle” movement using some “interesting” language in referring to illegal immigrants as pigs. As a followup to that entry, I’m happy to report user “Cutiebear0730” has confirmed she really doesn’t like minorities. In response to it being noted her comments were rife with racial stereotypes, “Cutiebear0730” responded with:

WTF is your problem? and so what if it is. IT IS THE HARD TRUTH OF LIFE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! YOU MUST BE A MINORITY and if you are leave me the F alone cause I don’t like you.

Racism…it’s ugly stuff.


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6 thoughts on “The Recall Doyle movement: a bastion of tolerance, part deux

  1. Hating is ugly but sometimes it’s provoked. I can understand the frustration people feel when it comes to illegal immigrants. I don’t understand how we can have around 20 MILLION illegal immigrants in our country and no one is doing anything about it. This is one of those issues where I can have compassion for illegal immigrants and wish there was something that can be done for them but then I also completely hate the fact illegal immigrants don’t have any respect for our country or our laws or our well being that they live here illegally using/abusing our system. Illegal is illegal. Right??

  2. Think about it….1) It’s a federal issue, not a local one. 2) The overwhelming majority of these folks work here. That means that they also have federal state and local taxes withheld just like everyone else (but under a fake SSN)….except they never claim it! So the Government makes $Millions+ off of these “illegals”…..

    ….If the feds didn’t make out on the deal, then I’d bet that the problem would have been fixed long ago.

    (Yes there are some that will only work for cash, or are merely criminals but they are a small minority and would likely be here no matter how strong the borders are.)

    But I could be wrong. I often am.

  3. I agree it is a federal issue but disagree that the reason it is unaddressed is due to income tax revenue.
    It is unaddressed because of agribusiness, because of the need for low cost labor in other work, and because it sometimes impacts the family membere of voting Mexican-Americans citizens. These are not sufficient reasons in my opinion.
    Why don’t illegals become citizens,you ask? Because there is no advantage to doing so. I support immigration but let’s face it, people need a reason to drop one allegiance and champion another. What incentive is there to do that?

  4. …even more reasons why we are in the state that we are in.

    So why is everyone is such a tizzy about it?

  5. Yes, racism is ugly … just like planted messages – that mislead and create suspicion – and the whackos who post them. How transparent and juvenile!

    Very frustrating but my guess is you are already familiar with the syndrome. So curious that you could be sucked in. Glad most everybody else figured it out.

    Ahh yes, the perils of a free society. On balance – a pretty good trade off – a few whackos for the right of the rest of us to speak freely! Too bad some feel the need to focus on the few, highlight and expand the reach of their screeds, while ignoring the many for the sole purpose of scoring political points and increasing blog traffic.

    Oh well, this too is a pretty good trade off that I can live with.


    1. Chris, I didn’t “plant a message;” I simply responded to what I perceived to be a blatantly racist post.

      As for your comment about “scoring political points,” I’ll just say that we’ve all seen how fond you are of scoring political points, given your own statements that the movement to recall Gov. Doyle serves a political purpose leading up to the 2010 election.

      If you want, I’ll be glad to point those comments out to you. Just remember Chris, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

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