Wigderson knows best….

…at least when it comes to the issue of CRG’s attempted recall of State Sen. Jim Sullivan:

“Recalls should be when there is demonstrable misconduct in office.”

Recalls shouldn’t be abused as a means of settling a partisan grudge, nor should they be used to remove an elected official for voting exactly how he said he’d vote before he was elected.


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4 thoughts on “Wigderson knows best….

  1. I agree. Although I don’t live in WA 🙁 I have been reading a little about Sullivan and he seems sincerely concerned about his constituents. I also like his blog on the the NOW website. I wish more politicians would have blogs.

    1. I can only wonder if Sen. Sullivan actually writes his own blog, or if he lets a staffer do it, like Sen. Lazich is rumored to do. I’m willing to bet Sen. Sullivan writes it himself, since he seems like a reasonably bright fellow.

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