Yet another Republican calls for higher taxes

I thought the GOP was supposed to be the party of lower taxes…
In the face of news the Federal Highway Trust Fund will go broke in August, at least one Republican lawmaker is calling for an increase in the gas tax:

Sen. George Voinovich, R-Ohio, said it’s clear that Congress must raise the federal gas tax, which is now 18.4 cents per gallon.

“I know that doesn’t go down so well with some folks,” but it’s “the reality of the situation,” Voinovich said at the hearing, which was on Obama’s nomination of former Arizona highways director Victor Mendez to head the Federal Highway Administration.

Two congressionally mandated commissions have called for an immediate increase in the gas tax, with one commission calling for an increase of 40 cents per gallon and the other calling for an increase of 10 cents per gallon for gas and 15 cents per gallon for diesel. The two commissions also said fuel taxes are not a sustainable source of revenue over the long term as drivers shift to more fuel efficient vehicles, and both recommended Congress find a new revenue source to pay for highway and transit programs.


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17 thoughts on “Yet another Republican calls for higher taxes

  1. I thought the Democratic party was supposed to be the party of not minding higher taxes so much. Therefore, shouldn’t you be happy when there is a Republican proposing taxes? I mean, your argument is winning out right? I would be dancing for joy if a Democrat was proposing tax and spending cuts and other GOP ideas, not criticizing them!

  2. forgot, we liberals don’t fit into the “one size fits all” box that some like to put us in. I know it’s easy to recite the “tax and spend” mantra in regards to liberals, but the fact remains not all of us like higher taxes. I’m a middle class guy, and tax increases affect me the same as they affect anyone else.

  3. Ok I can accept that as much as sometimes conservatives are put into that same “one size fits all” box.

    But the fact remains, while tax increases affect you the same as anyone else, you support candidates who don’t seem to mind raising taxes.

  4. forgot, while I may not particularly enjoy seeing my taxes – or anyone else’s for that matter – get increased, I don’t have many alternatives when it comes to who I support. I’d be voting against much of what I believe if I voted for most Republicans, and sure, I suppose I could choose not to exercise my right to vote at all, but I wasn’t raised to be apathetic.

  5. Zach, why do you keep insisting on lumping conservatives and Republicans together as the same thing?

    Not all Republicans are conservative, just as not all conservatives are not Republican! I think this is proof that you cannot see the difference. Some Republicans are liberal. Just as not all Democrats are liberal. I know in your mind that is the case. Don’t forget Greg!

    You should be jumping for joy that a Republican wants more taxes.

    Please understand this:

    Republican and Democrats are party affiliations.
    Conservative and liberal are a frame of mind, ideology, core beliefs, principles.

  6. Zach, you, yourself are guilty of one size fits all when it comes to Democrats and Liberals. Ask Greg if you did not do that. I even think the comment is on your blog.

    One issue can change people’s mind. Taxes, religion, abortion and etc. You just have to decide if that issue is your top priority.

    I think you would find yourself to be a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. Which means you are a Libertarian like Chris of CRG. If you took the time to know him instead of vilifying him and CRG you would understand. Now this is all so only if you are being honest about your values and core beliefs. If you truly don’t mind higher taxes, that is a different story.

    Most Conservatives know this quote off the top of their head – A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money. – G. Gordon Liddy

    Do I think you are a liberal? YES! It is fine for others, but if it affects you, well now it is different. You are only recently upset about it. Can you honestly show us where your posts in the past have complained about high taxes?

  7. Jeff, save your lecture for someone else. I fully understand the difference between a political ideology and a political party, but I’m wondering what your diatribe has to do with what I’ve written.

  8. Zach, to quote Grumps’ comment to Steve T., “Oh, why bother? It’s like teaching quantum mechanics to a sponge”

    Zach it is all there. The connection to the post, to your comment to forgot. You just don’t want to see it. How about you take a few minutes and listen to Vicki.,_Milwaukee&PCAST_CAT=Talk&PCAST_TITLE=The_Vicki_McKenna_Show

  9. Nah, I think I’ll pass. I listen to bullshit all day at work; I don’t want to listen to it while I’m at home.

  10. I’m sick of it all. I’ve never even thought of being apathetic until recently. I just have a bad taste of pettyness….yuk.

    Maybe I’m getting old.

  11. Zach…I don’t blame you for passing on the Vicki link. “Bullshit” is exactly what she spews not to mention she incites her *followers*…but what does she care as long as she is making a buck. No need to be part of the solution as long as you are making money by preying on people’s fears and weaknesses.

  12. Anon, I know it may not always seem like it, but I actually don’t mind a well-reasoned argument from a conservative. I think healthy debate from people on different sides of an argument is not a bad thing; I just don’t care to hear the same talking points repeated verbatim.

  13. Zach you work mostly with dems and libs of course there is bullshit!

    Anon, have you ever talked with Vicki personally?

    Zach all left blog are the same then. Same talking points repeated verbatim. A little over simply and dramatic I think your statement is!

  14. I don’t think Zach’s blog is made up of talking points, nor was I trying to change his political philosophy lol… so I don’t know where JeffN is going with that one.

    My only point was that Zach says he doesn’t prefer higher taxes, but would be voting against much of what he believes in if he voted Republican. Well that kind of says it all Zach. If what you believe in is a Democrat/liberal agenda which I assume might include universal health care and lots of social programs and services — in order to accomplish that agenda you have to believe in and endorse higher taxes to accomplish those goals.

    Either that or more debt spending, which lately seems to be the trend. Both GW Bush and BH Obama would have you believe they can give you everything you want without raising taxes OR taxing someone else and you will never feel it (not possible). In Bush’s case it was a prescription drug benefit, in Obama’s case it is yet to be seen, but my guess would be health care.

    Sorry, don’t mean to ramble…

  15. forgot, why can’t there be a better way? Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking, or maybe I’m just naive, but why can’t we have a government that’s efficient yet still provides services to its citizens?

    You’re absolutely right that I support social programs and services, as well as universal health care, and if you’d like, I can share a personal anecdote with you as to why I’m in favor of universal health care.

  16. “…why can’t there be a better way? Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking, or maybe I’m just naive, but why can’t we have a government that’s efficient yet still provides services to its citizens?”

    Answer: Lack of political will. i.e. fear of not being re-elected which turns into: Spending and bringing home the bacon wins elections.

    The one guy I know that had the type of political will that we really needed, Ross Perot, was laughed at and mocked.

    IF President Obama (and Democrats in general) has the will to cut, deeply cut government spending and programs and prevent pork, then maybe I and others would swing our votes.

    But all I see is RECORD spending and RECORD program increases with no end in sight.

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