Bar throws fundraiser for man who kills passenger

Here’s the setup:

Jay Taylor got drunk.

Jay Taylor made a choice to drive while drunk.

Jay Taylor chose to drive a motorcycle, for which he didn’t have a license, drunk.

Jay Taylor, driving drunk on the motorcycle he wasn’t licensed to drive, killed his female passenger, who happened to be his girlfriend.

In response to the tragedy, Taylor’s favorite tavern, Fatties on the Lake in Campbellsport (where he also happens to be a bartender) has decided to throw a fundraiser – for Jay Taylor:

On the fliers it posted around that area, the bar says Taylor was in a “very bad and tragic bike accident” but doesn’t mention his role in that crash or say exactly how the money will be used.

The flier says he can’t work or get insurance. “We hope that you will join us for some of the fun activities that we are going to hold to help our friend down this long, hard road ahead of him,” it reads.

This has to be a new low.


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5 thoughts on “Bar throws fundraiser for man who kills passenger

  1. The problem is we have legislators who don’t take this issue seriously. We have an AG who has said he personally knows people who drive drunk and doesn’t want them to be branded with a criminal arrest…or something to that extent…so he’s not helping to toughen up the OWI laws. I think last week or two weeks ago a person was sentenced to only 2 or 3 years in prison for killing a teenager while driving drunk. So…I guess this doesn’t surprise me.

    My sympathies are with Crystal Daly’s family and friends. Not only are they grieving but they must be absolutely furious.

    1. “they must be absolutely furious.”

      From the news footage I’ve seen, they’re stunned by what’s going on.

      You’re right though; we need to start getting serious about drunk driving in our state.

  2. I remember a similiar case back aroun 2000 in Beloit Wisconsin. Similiar circumstances – except the driver was the son of someone important – he wasn’t charged at all. His girlfriend died with massive brain damage (I think they said she hit a tree) and she had 3 children – now parentless. The man continued to drink even days after the accident. People were actually supportive of this murderer.

    1. Chris, thanks for sharing your story. This story – and yours – make me cringe. How can anyone think it’s okay to drink and drive and kill someone???

  3. Why is it that so many people would rather brand someone with an alcohol problem as a loser or murderer, etc. instead of taking a minute to realize the guy had a serious alcohol problem? When people are in that kind of state, for whatever reason drove them to drink to the point of having a disease, others just look the other way or they shrug it off as the person is crap…. everyone who judges – never thinks about helping. They only judge. It’s so much easier to do that then have to do something really hard like help a person…

    I feel bad for ALL the family and friends involved. One family suffered a terrible loss and you know what? So did the driver’s family. This guy has a kid who will now grow up without him and parents who are also devastated. Maybe if people had a little more empathy towards others and more people helped deal with the real problem of alcoholism – what is behind it in the first place, instead of just putting up more stupid laws that don’t work, then we’d see less of this sort of thing.

    But the way people are, it will probably never happen. And that is really sad…..

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