Barron County Renews Administrator Position

There was suspicion that the vacant position of County Administrator would be dropped by the Board of Supervisors (BoS)as Duane Hebert leaves Barron County for Minnesota.

In a vote of 22-7 ( yes, large Board, isn’t it?), the County BoS affirmed that it would seek a replacement for Mr. Hebert.
The alternative to a County Administrator is a coordinator who is granted powers by the BoS which may or may not be equivalent to an administrator. The County Administrator is given specific powers by state statutes that the BoS cannot overrule.

The County has over 500 employees and a $40 M budget. I just cannot imagine a BoS taking on that management through a coordinator.

Recently, our small town was seeking to use the Barron County legal system as an approach to enforcement for new town statutes. An opinion by the county’s counsel was that this should be a matter for the County Administrator. We did not understand the logic of seeking the Administrator’s support for what, in our opinion, is clearly occurring in other counties. In the end, the Town Chairperson went direct to the Sheriff’s Office to gain support for infractions of Town laws.


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