Effort to recall Doyle: epic failure

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how the movement to recall Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle seemed to be losing steam, and today my theory was proven correct, as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting Wisconsinites Interests Now (WIN) is now focusing on removing the governor from office in November 2010. WIN had intended on recruiting 10,000 volunteers to recall Doyle a full year ahead of the end of his current term; however the recall effort stalled after gaining only 6,000 volunteers and failing to reach fundraising goals.

The failure of the effort to recall Gov. Doyle must surely be a bitter pill for Vince Schmuki and his band of merry men to swallow, but I knew the recall effort would end up being an epic failure.


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6 thoughts on “Effort to recall Doyle: epic failure

  1. You should said, “Effort to recall Doyle: epic failure again”

    This is the second time these yahoos have gone down this path.

    Here’s the real question – how long until all of these “volunteers” are told to go help Scott Walker? Recruiting ground soldiers for Walker has been all this has ever been about. Congrats “volunteers”, you are now Walker ground soldiers.

    1. Bob, what I find funny about this situation is that it just underscores how ineffective CRG really is. Other than the Milwaukee County recalls, which were like picking low hanging fruit, how many successful recalls have they assisted with?

      In fact, I remember they were associated with an effort in 2008 to recall Cudahy Mayor Ryan McCue that went nowhere almost as fast as the Doyle recall effort.

  2. Calling this an ‘epic failure’ is a little silly, don’t you think? Perhaps if YOU started something and didn’t get it right the first time, YOU’D quit. Not us. Not for a minute.
    And I can’t believe you wouldn’t at least be American enough to understand that although you may or maynot agree with our cause, we HAD one and were pursuing it thru proper channels.
    I’m not sure where you get that volunteering for the recall precludes us from volunteering for Walker or whoever else. Perhaps you are used to people who can’t walk and chew gum?
    The fact that you seem to be taking a certain amount of glee from this, suggests that perhaps you’re even one of them.

    1. Scoobs, I can walk, chew gum, and snap my fingers, all at the same time.

      I’m taking glee from the failure of the effort to recall Jim Doyle because the recall was never based on any wrongdoing on the part of Gov. Doyle; it was based on Vince Schmuki and Chris Kliesmet’s stated desire to see Scott Walker elected governor.

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