Feingold & Westlake: inside the numbers

According to the latest financial reports available from the Federal Elections Commission, Wisconsin Senate hopeful Dave Westlake raised $6,100 in donations, with $4,275 cash on hand through the quarter ending June 30, 2009. In contrast, Sen. Russ Feingold raised $714,177 in donations (the vast majority coming from individual donors), with $2,885,832 cash on hand.

While I understand incumbents have an advantage when it comes to fundraising, it certainly can’t bode well for Dave Westlake’s chances that he’s only been able to raise $6,100 since announcing his candidacy against Sen. Feingold.


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3 thoughts on “Feingold & Westlake: inside the numbers

  1. seems like the only publicity Westlake is getting is coming from you Zach…this guy is not a contender!

  2. AL, you and I know he’s not a contender, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t pick apart what he’s saying to show just how “not ready for primetime” Westlake is.

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