Feingold’s Lone Vote on Afghanistan Issue

Once again Feingold stands alone. This time with his vote against increasing troop strength in Afghanistan.

On July 21 he did it again, casting the lone vote opposing Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman’s amendment to the 2010 Defense Authorization bill that immediately authorizes an expansion of the military by 30,000 troops. In an exclusive interview with The Nation, Feingold says he “did not believe it was in the best interest of our troops or our national security.” The measure passed 93-1.

Senator Feingold is still fighting the good fight against egregious policies, too. Many people voted against John McCain because of policy issues that they believed would become SOP if Republicans remained at the helm. Nothing, as yet, has been done regarding the Bush era policies that I objected to and that Sen Feingold has reminded the President in recent letters.

In a May 22 letter to Obama, Feingold expressed concern over the president’s suggestion that the United States can engage in indefinite detentions, saying such a practice “violates basic American values and is likely unconstitutional.” In the same letter, Feingold said Obama’s policy could set “the stage for future Guantánamos, whether on our shores or elsewhere.” While the Obama administration has continued to defend the warrantless wiretapping program in various court cases, Feingold has hounded the president to “formally” oppose the program, which Obama has thus far refused to do. In a June letter to Obama, Feingold suggested that by not “renounc[ing] the assertions of executive authority made by the Bush administration with regard to warrantless wiretapping,” Obama may be sending a message that the Bush-era “justifications were and remain valid.”

Sen. Feingold continues to stand firm on principles that this blogger supports.
(Except for state’s rights…)


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