Moore & Sebring: inside the numbers

Earlier today I broke down the fundraising numbers for Wisconsin’s 2010 U.S. Senate race, so let’s take a look inside the numbers for the race for the Fourth Congressional District, a seat currently held by Rep. Gwen Moore. According to the latest financial reports available from the Federal Elections Commission, Rep. Moore received $111,542 in donations during the last reporting period, and she ended the period with $51,766 cash on hand.

Her opponent, Mayflower descendant Dan Sebring, received $4,502 in donations (though it’s worth noting $1,902 of that was a donation to the campaign by Dan Sebring). Sebring ended the reporting period with $516 cash on hand, and debts owed in the amount of $3,560. Having reviewed the numbers for Dan Sebring, I can’t help but wonder how fiscally responsible he’d be as a member of Congress if he can’t even spend within his means as a candidate?


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17 thoughts on “Moore & Sebring: inside the numbers

  1. Not a fair point and you know it. Maybe your point would have an ounce of validity if it were after the election. Maybe. If you also found out that he had a $100,000 mortgage would you say he is not responsible?

    Didn’t Hillary Clinton have a lot of campaign debt after she bowed out? Or is that not valid because she didn’t doubt being “fiscally responsible” like this guy does?

    Instead of pointing out a lousy $3000, I wonder if a better post would be President Obama’s fiscal responsibility with our deficit this year approaching 2 TRILLION. But I guess he never claimed to be fiscally responsible either.

  2. I wonder how you can get $4,502 in donations, 42% or $1,902 of which came from yourself, and end up with $516 cash on hand and $3,560 of debt. Where has the money gone? Radio advertising? Printing? It had to go somewhere.

    1. Jason, the debt is owed to Michael Strautmann for “website creation.” Mike Strautmann also happens to be Sebring’s campaign treasurer.

  3. JH,
    He had a truck with some signs on it at German Fest. By the time you pay for truck rental, the signs, and parking . . . well there you go.

    All jest aside, does anyone really like Gwen Moore?

    1. Super Id, I’m not a huge fan of Rep. Moore, but she seems more in touch with the district than Dan Sebring, who mentions the right to bear arms as one of his “Top Issues Plaguing our Country” without any mention of poverty, which is an issue I know a lot of folks in the 4th District both care about and are affected by.

  4. There are more guns in that district than their are pepole with jobs.Rep Moore is just A Obama but kiser. She can’t walk and talk at the same time. A wasted vote for WI.

    1. ray, tell me how Dan Sebring would be any better for the 4th District than Gwen Moore. The guy hasn’t said two words about poverty since he announced his candidacy, which strikes me as a bit odd considering how many of his potential constituents live in some of the most abject poverty imaginable.

  5. What is there to say that’s not been said already. rep Moore wants to keep the people dependant on herself and Obama. Free health care free this and free that when does it end. How about some self response ability. Stay in school get A edu. Then work their way up like most americans. No more handouts I can’t afford no more taxes. I work in the 4th from time to time. If their so poor were does all the beer come from their drinking at 10am and the weed their smoking infront of the kids. And its not just A few. Its many. I grew up there and worked my way up. They can to. If they get away from the depends on big Gov.

  6. Zach,
    Gwen has identified “poverty” as a problem, but let’s face it that’s relatively easy to do. Sure poverty is a problem but what’s the solution? Rep. Moore’s “solutions” all seem to focus on redistribution of assets instead of the creation of more wealth. I note that she lists programs such as “after school” supper programs as accomplishments. But the programs I’ve seen Moore advocate never solve anything but an immediate need. For me to support her, I need to see a plan for job creation and a plan to bring job opportunities to Milwaukee.

    I will note that Sebring has mentioned job creation as part of his platform so I believe that your statement that he hasn’t said “two words about poverty” is a bit disingenuous. That being said, it is as easy to say we need job creation as it is to say we need to get rid of poverty. But who has a plan that will work?

    I’m a moderate swing voter with a voting record that matches a quilt. My mind is not made up yet, so let’s be reasonable and hold off the attacks until we see a plan. IMO, being a straight “D” or “R” voter is lazy. I do appreciate the value in voting out the weak links in your own party to make room for new ideas and a new debate.


  7. Super, it might sound shocking, but I’ve actually voted for Republicans in the past. I may be a tried and true liberal/progressive, but I’d consider voting for a more moderate Republican if that person was someone I thought would do a good job representing me.

  8. Zach,
    I can raise a glass to that.

    So Doyle or Walker, I dislike Walker (my wife worked for the County for a bit), but I think Dolye is much worse and far more incompetent. Is there not a third option?

    1. Super, unfortunately there’s not a viable third option. I know I’ve defended Gov. Doyle an awful lot here, but I’m not a huge fan of his.

      1. Zach, I’m intrigued by your comment “I know I’ve defended Gov. Doyle an awful lot here, but I’m not a huge fan of his”. That doesn’t make a lot of sense. Why would you defend someone that you’re not a fan of?

        Frankly I don’t think there is any one person that can turn this state around in its current situation.

        1. Mike, I said I’m not a big fan; that doesn’t mean I’m not a fan at all. When it comes to Gov. Doyle, I’ve learned to take the bad with the good, and he’s certainly better than the alternatives.

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