Recall Doyle movement losing steam?

It looks like the movement to recall Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle might not have as much momentum as originally thought, as evidenced by the following email I received:



A week has passed since all July 4rth activities have concluded including the Recall Doyle banner fly-over at the Lakefront (x2). Our numbers our now stabilizing at just over 5100 strong. We are at a decision point. We can go forward shortly with the recall but that requires a double commitment level (not the proposed average of 50 signatures per person but now an average of 100 signatures per person ) We will need to work much smarter at this level not harder. Be thinking of ways to make all of your efforts count –MAXIMIZE YOUR TIME!

NOW LET ME BE DIRECT –How many of you are willing and able to go forward at the new requirement level??? Send an e-mail to: put “YES to 100” in the subject line. We’ll judge the response for our state of readiness.

We have an opportunity to make history but we must truly be willing to count the cost before jumping. DO NOT SAY “YES” unless you mean it!!!



It’s worth noting the movement to recall Gov. Doyle had been aiming for 10,000 volunteers to circulate petitions, so it has to be a serious setback (or wakeup call, depending on your perspective) that they’ve only been able to muster half the number of volunteers they had hoped for.

Perhaps there’s just not as much support to recall Gov. Doyle as Chris Kliesmet and the folks at CRG had thought.


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22 thoughts on “Recall Doyle movement losing steam?

  1. Glad to have you all on board with the recall. We didn’t realize how much interest there was in removing Jim Doyle amongst the Dems until we started this recall effort. I can still recall the group of state employees tailgating at Miller Park who couldn’t get the pen in their hands fast enough to sign on board to help get rid of the bum. Again welcome aboard!

    1. “We all” aren’t on board with the recall, and judging from your lagging volunteer numbers, there aren’t many folks in Wisconsin who are on board either.

      Weren’t you shooting for 10,000 volunteers to help circulate petitions? Aren’t you stuck at roughly 5,100? Getting half as many volunteers hardly seems like a success.

    2. And if you think I’m “on board” because I receive your emails, you should do a little basic homework. It’s called opposition research.

  2. Zach, You flatter us! We knew all along you were on our list. AND I repeat you are not alone. We have teachers, state workers (LOT OF STATE WORKERS!) and union members! Again welcome aboard!

    ps: 5200 members in all 72 counties with little money, zero media support and no heavy hitter backers in 4 months -want to show me that feat replicated some where else? Didn’t think so.

    1. Vince, thanks for visiting. I know it’s a hard concept to grasp, but while I have no doubt you do have supporters from among the ranks of teachers and state workers, this state worker ain’t one of your supporters. I find it’s always smart to keep up with what’s going on in conservative circles, which is how I came upon one of your more “interesting” members:

      If you’re proud to count folks like that among your supporters, then so be it.

      p.s. Your recall effort is going to end up being an epic failure.

  3. No media support? Please, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has been helping you as much as they can.

    Even then, you are falling apart at the seams. And keeping the rest of us in stitches with your antics.

  4. If they succeed, can we look forward to a bunch of cheesy (or Cheesehead) celebrities getting on the ballot? Unfortunately, Gary Coleman is still a California resident, I believe, but there are a couple of Real World alumni living up in Ashland County (one of whom may run for Congress against Dave Obey, so this would be a good way for him to build name recognition). And doesn’t Susan Hawk (of first-season Survivor fame) still live in Wisconsin? Or has she opened a bar in Branson, Missouri by now?

  5. Hey Cappy (why is it btw that you can’t use your real name)send me all those J/S links over the past 4 months. I must have missed them. Glad to keep you laughing!

    1. Vince, a quick search on The Google turned up at least seven mentions of your recall on, but I got tired of counting after that.

      Perhaps you’re not getting the news coverage you had hoped for because no one’s really taking you seriously.

  6. Don’t suppose you checked them for dupes and content hey Zach? You might starve on that stuff. But it is much easier to play the game your way isn’t it?

    1. I didn’t realize we were playing a game, Vince. I take politics seriously, and I sure hope you don’t consider your effort to recall Gov. Doyle to be a game.

  7. Zach sure seems occupied with the recall efforts for someone who is not onboard. Oh well thats what I love about it we can get all the volenteers we want and the dems can’t stop us. Just got a few more in Sheboygan tonite Vince.

  8. Not the biggest Doyle fan in the world, but the recall seems like an unbelieveable waste of time.

  9. How the hell can you @$$ clowns support such a freaken crook like Diamond Jim? Do you like to see him throw your money away? Are you getting something in return as you support his tax & spend shopping spree? We are talking about the future of WI boys & girls- wake up and smell the coffee! We are in some serious trouble and the captain is sinking the ship!

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