Sarah Palin: definitely NOT a quitter!

Fresh off the heels of her announcement she’s resigning some 16 months before the end of her term as Alaska’s governor, Sarah Palin wants people to know she’s not a quitter:

“I am not a quitter. I am a fighter,” Palin told CNN on Monday while on a family fishing trip, on the heels of her Friday bombshell announcement that she was resigning as Alaska’s governor.

If Sarah Palin were a fighter – and not a quitter – wouldn’t she have stayed in office to finish the term she was elected to serve, despite whatever distractions or obstacles she was facing? What’s more, I’m wondering if Palin was joking when she said she wasn’t a quitter, considering she just quit her job a few days ago.


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10 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: definitely NOT a quitter!

  1. She is resigning because she feels it is better for someone else to govern Alaska because she has become a liability…a costly one at that. Please just acknowledge that is the reason why she has resigned or at least the reason she told everyone…so I don’t have to keep repeating myself. Sometimes it’s better to move on. We all face that at one time or another when we leave jobs…

    1. I’ll acknowledge that she quit because she couldn’t handle the “distractions” (her word, not mine), but that still doesn’t explain how she’s not a quitter for quitting her job.

    2. I’m a fighter… but I’m quitting. Interesting… ‘logic’, but not at all unexpected from this person. Someone who rambles in speeches and just says whatever good thing comes to mind without thought, I’m not surprised that her “true reason” for leaving office has changed so much even in her own words. She is simply throwing as many things as she can think of against the wall until something sticks. So, no, I don’t acknowledge that she QUIT because she thought she was a “liability”. She was in a position of extreme political power! She DID NOT have to announce she wasn’t going to run for another term. She would not have been a “lame duck” if she hadn’t disclosed that she didn’t intend to run again. You think switching governors mid-way through a term isn’t going to cost the state -ANY- excess money? and isn’t going to weaken the executive offices political sway over the legislature, then you too may be living in Palin’s fantasy dream world where she can see Putin waving at her from her house.

      All in all, it’s a good move because it virtually eliminates her possibility from running for high office again. I mean, Just wait until she has to debate with another republican in a primary election for ANYTHING. She will be labeled an inexperienced quitter, and it will be obvious to anyone watching that whoever is making these charges against her is, in fact, correct. The evidence is now all there for anyone to see.

  2. Mean old David Letterman done run her out!

    Amazingly enough, every other politician Letterman lampooned held on. Even Blago, for Dog’s sake.

    1. Yeah, Palin has never seemed to handle criticism well. One only needs to look at the comments she made about “bloggers in their pajamas” during the presidential campaign as proof.

      Here’s my thing: if she can’t handle the criticism/distractions she’s had to endure as governor of Alaska, how could she possibly think she’d be able to handle those same criticisms/distractions (only multiplied by a hundred) as president?

  3. Palin is totally a quitter! Her analogy about the point guard passing the ball to another player to make the shot is completely wrong. The point guard is just delegating a responsibility to another player for the win, it’s called being a team-player, he’s still in the game. The point guard didn’t walk out on the game or quit the team. Palin QUIT. She turned her back on her responsibilities and her constituents that voted her into office. Just because she couldn’t hand “politics as usual” she quits, and she thinks she’s presidential material? She such a hypocrite and now we know undependable. I hope her 15 minutes of fame is over.

      1. I don’t get the hate. I thought you were just telling us a couple of weeks ago that hate is an ugly thing. There is enough room in this country for even Sarah Palin to voice her opinions…as she should. I heard on the news today Palin will be campaigning for other republican candidates and you know she will bring in the crowds. 😛

  4. “I am not a quitter. I am a fighter”

    Wow, she sounds like my 6 year old little cousin.

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