Using ‘discrediting’ to achieve your purpose

It is a tradition that this is as old as the United States itself: discredit the opposition. This is also a tradition that draws my contempt for those that employ it.
There is a difference between sharply comparing people, ideologies, or backgrounds and using a person’s life to smear, sneer, and fleer the character of that person.
Hilzoy at Obsidian Wings gets her dander up over attempts by some advocates for Judge Sotomayor to dig up dirt on Frank Ricci who will present testimony against the judge’s confirmation.

If you are not up to speed on this , Frank Ricci is the firefighter who sued because firefighter test results in his local town were discarded because no minorities qualified. The suit went to the Supreme Court. On the way the lawsuit was reviewed by Judge Sotomayor. She ruled against the firefighter and cited previous Supreme Court decisions in which testing was used as a discriminatory process. Recently, the Supreme Court ruled for Frank Ricci and against Judge Sotomayor.

This brings us to today. Judge Sotomayor will go before the Senate for her Supreme Court confirmation hearing this week. The Republican Party is drawing swords to shed a little Democrat blood. Not because Judge Sotomayor is not qualified, she is, but because of ideology issues.

The point of confirmation hearings is to review the qualifications and the record of Supreme Court nominees. However, in an odd move, the Republican Party has decided that testimony from Frank Ricci is pertinent to Judge Sotomayors qualifications. Go figure. He is a firefighter and not a legal scholar and has no recognizable information to add or subtract from her qualifications. Why is the RP choosing to put Frank Ricci in this postion? Because they somehow think that they can smear Judge Sotomayor’s reputation by showing up with a ‘victim’ of one of her decisions. They cannot possibly think that Frank Ricci’s testimony will cause many Senators to vote against the Judge, so why are they doing this? Only one reason in my opinion, to justify a partisan vote against Judge Sotomayor. And this stinks, in my opinion.

So Frank Ricci is brought in to smear Judge Sotomayor and build a case that she is not qualified to be a Supreme Court justice. And Frank Ricci wants to come and tell the Senate of what it is like to be disciminated against because he is a white guy. I am holding my breath, aren’t you? For Frank Ricci, justice was served in his lifetime. He is a lucky guy. For many others, they took their injustice to the grave.

So now that Mr. Ricci is coming to discredit Judge Sotomayor, there are those who are digging up dirt to discredit him. Abominable, in my opinion.

Hilzoy tells them to just stop. And she is speaking to Sotomayor supporters who are telling reporters where to find the dirt and what questions to raise. Good for Hilzoy!

However, there are now others who are using this advocacy of smearing Frank Ricci as an excuse to smear Democrats.

This is not the first time the Obama-thugs have sought to destroy the reputation of a common, everyday citizen who opposed them. We witnessed the same sort of Chicago-gangland thuggery at work when ‘Joe the Plumber’ Wurzelbacher dared to question the impact Obama’s proposed economic policies would have on the common man and small business owners.

Obama operatives went to work in Ohio, digging up all they could find on Joe with one single goal in mind–search and destroy. A state employee illegally gained access to Joe’s personal records on file with the state of Ohio concerning his divorce and alimony issues.

“Obama thugs”, “Obama operatives”, and “Chicago-gangland thuggery” are good examples of smearing President Obama for actions that Sotomayor supporters are taking. (I was surprised to see that ACORN was not mentioned.)

First we have Republicans smearing Sotomayor with Frank Ricci’s “feelings” about Judge Sotomayor’s ruling. Then we have Sotomayor supporters urging reporters to look for dirt on Frank Ricci, and then we have conservatives calling the Sotomayor supporters Obama thugs to smear President Obama.

Will it ever stop?


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4 thoughts on “Using ‘discrediting’ to achieve your purpose

  1. “will it ever stop?” – No. We are what we are, and when the cheap varnish wears off our fleshy souls emerge. People just don’t change.

  2. I would have to agree with Rabbit. It won’t ever stop. Both sides will continue to beat each other up and if you aren’t lock step with either side you become an enemy to both. Personally…I much rather not belong to either side. IMO…both sides should be ashamed of themselves. It takes a really strong person to walk the talk.

  3. Eh, I know I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to criticizing the “opposition,” but I’d like to think that I’m not a “bomb thrower” who does nothing more than tear the other side down. However, there are some who would rather tear someone down than just agree to disagree.

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