Van Hollen gets a challenger

Scott Hassett, the former head of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, has filed paperwork today to challenge Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen in next year’s election. Hassett, a Democrat, filed a campaign registration statement with state election officials, which will allow him to raise campaign money and will enable him to get on the ballot for 2010 if he can collect at least 2,000 signatures on his nomination papers. After filing his paperwork, Hassett said, “It’s a good time for me. A lot of people, friends, people whose judgment I trust, encouraged me to do this. I just think it’s a great challenge.”

Obviously I’m no fan of J.B. Van Hollen. I can’t point to a single great accomplishment he’s had during his tenure as AG, and given his propensity for sometimes rankling some on the right, he could be in for a tough fight in 2010. I don’t know a lot about Scott Hassett, but I’m willing to bet he won’t be the only Democrat to strongly considering running against Van Hollen.


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7 thoughts on “Van Hollen gets a challenger

  1. I think out of all the politicians out there…I dislike Van Hollen the most. I can’t imagine anyone voting for an AG who says just because he knows people who drove drunk before OWI-first offense should not be a criminal offense. Isn’t there a man on trial right now in the State of Wisconsin for killing four or five people because he was driving drunk for the “first” time and crashed his car/weapon into them?? What the AG should say is that he is the Tavern Leagues’ bitch and he is too cowardly to go up against them.

  2. Yeah, while that’s a particularly disturbing statement for anyone to make, it’s made even more disturbing by the fact that J.B. Van Hollen is supposed to be Wisconsin’s “top cop.”

  3. Tavern Leagues’ = Tavern League’s

    How many more people need to die…families destroyed forever…before we start taking drunk driving seriously?? I don’t understand how these families go on once their loved one is killed by a drunk driver…and then to hear the AG say something so incredibly STUPID…argh…it’s too much for me. Yeah…it’s time for a new AG.

    1. James, I don’t recall saying Hassett was going to beat Van Hollen; I was simply relaying some information regarding the 2010 election. As I said in my entry, I doubt Hassett’s the only Democrat who’ll run to unseat Van Hollen.

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