Walker Tweets while Patrick Cudahy burns

The past few days have seen the Patrick Cudahy facility in Cudahy burning at times uncontrollably, forcing the evacuation of residents of the City of Cudahy and straining that city’s water supply to the breaking point. While County Supervisor Pat Jursik, who represents Cudahy on the County Board, and Board Chairman Lee Holloway have pledged County resources to aid in the emergency, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s been busy Tweeting about the situation:

The Cudahy FD + PD r really working hard. I was there today w/ Mayor McCue. Great work.
about 16 hours ago from web

Just finished a public safety meeting. Got an update on fire in Cudahy. Sheriff and MCTS r there.
about 23 hours ago from web

I don’t know about you all, but I consider Twittering words of encouragement during a crisis to be the epitome of leadership.

Heck of a job, Scott. Heck of a job!


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2 thoughts on “Walker Tweets while Patrick Cudahy burns

  1. I’m no walker fan but I think Twitter is the poor-mans status update system.

    Would you rather he get a press conference together so people can watch it on Channel 12 and then get the “word on the street?”

    Also, I emailed Walker when he was in the Assembly. His tweets are actually an improvement over the email replies I used to get.

    1. tom, I guess I’m just generally not impressed with Scott Walker, and his Tweets are proof of what a twit he is.

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