Walker’s record on jobs creation

The next time you hear Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker talking about all the job losses in Wisconsin and how he’ll bring back jobs as governor, remember one thing:

Scott Walker’s record on jobs in Milwaukee County is worse than the state as a whole.

When Walker was elected in April 2002 the unemployment rate was 6.7%. In May 2009 it was 9.7%. Neumann, the math teacher, will tell you that the unemployment rate has gone up 3% since Walker became Milwaukee County Executive.

By comparison, in Wisconsin the unemployment rate was 6.2% when Jim Doyle took office in January 2003. In May 2009 the rate was 8.7%- a 2.5% rise in unemployment.

Scott Walker’s done a worse job than Gov. Doyle when it comes to jobs, so tell me again….why should Walker get a promotion?

H/T to Harris Kane.


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