What caused the recession?

Most rational people believe the current recession was caused by a number of economic factors – a so-called economic “perfect storm” – but State Rep. Sally Kern of Oklahoma has a different root cause for the country’s economic crisis – gays and porn.

Listen for yourself:

I’m not really inclined to take Rep. Kern too seriously; after all, she’s the same woman who once said gays were a bigger threat to our country than terrorists.

Seriously…how do people like that get elected to office?


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1 thought on “What caused the recession?

  1. “Seriously…how do people like that get elected to office?” I ask that question ALL the time. I also often wonder how do people get hired to do certain jobs. I’d say in the past year or so I realized people talk a good game but there is nothing there to back up their talk. It’s not enough to *say* you believe a certain way but then stand *mute* when others spew their hateful garbage.

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