What Will Robin Say??

State Rep Robin Vos ,R-No Clue, has been all over The Political World crying like a little baby…”The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling”
Here are some of his most recent Comments…

“And the budget actually cuts our economic development efforts. Can you believe that? Jobs now seem to be our biggest export”


“JOBS – na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey good bye. After this budget, we’ll look back on todays job numbers as “the good old days”

Plus Yesterday

“New business group seems to be a Doyle front formed to help blunt criticisms from the anti-economic growth budget he just signed”


About Today’s News That A Minneasota Biotech Firm is Coming To Wisconsin?
Not Only That
…But Listen to Their Comments!

Lured by the state’s tax credits for investments in high-growth companies, a Minneapolis biotech start-up said Thursday it is moving to Wisconsin.
“The investment tax credits “had everything to do with them coming to Wisconsin,” said Charlie Goff, general partner of the fund. “

Poor Robin…all his whining Proved to be Oral Manure.
Perhaps running a popcorn stand isn’t the end all for knowing everything about business growth?

Here’s The Whole Article from JSONLINE

Oh how i Hope This Dope Runs For The Lehman Seat.


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