What’s a “matzo-skinned” lefty?

That’s what The Chief is wondering, and I can’t help but wonder the same thing.

Kevin Fischer, a legislative aide to one of Wisconsin’s worst legislators, had the following to say about liberals:

Commandment #1 (and this is really good, especially for those matzo-skinned lefties)…

When asked to explain his remark, Fischer said, “the term matzo was used in this instance to mean “thin.” Nothing more, nothing less.”

What I’m wondering is why Fischer couldn’t bring himself to simply use the phrase “thin-skinned.” Why the need for the ethnic flourish? As The Chief points out, I’ve never heard the adjective “matzo-skinned” to describe anything, leaving me to wonder why Fischer felt the need to resort to a pejorative to make his point.


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1 thought on “What’s a “matzo-skinned” lefty?

  1. They have excellent matzoh soup at Benji’s on North Oakland. Do not get the tureen unless you have someone to help you eat it. It is huge! (That’s what she said)

    I believe the clientele to skew Democrat, although some Republicans surely appear from time to time.

    When Henry Aaron visits, he has the tongue sandwich. Ask any of their lovely servers.

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