A two-legged chair is hard to keep from falling

From the Christan Science Monitor:

The Jefferson case prompted congressional leaders to take a very expansive interpretation of the “speech and debate” clause of the US Constitution, which protects lawmakers from prosecution for their legislative activities. The US Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled that a member of Congress must be provided advance notice and the right to review materials before a search is conducted, and the US Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal.

“It is now very difficult [for law enforcement] to [wire]tap a member of Congress and be sure [that lawmaker] will never have a conversation about what happened on the floor or in committee,” says Ms. Sloan.

When congressmen are crooks and the Executive Branch can’t investigate them there is something wrong in America. And to have the US Supreme Court protect them is simply amazing. John Roberts, get your head in the game and take off your ‘protect the government’ hat. We need to go after corrupt congressmen.

The whole thing is becoming unbalanced. From a government chair with four legs firmly on terra firma, two legs have been sawed off: journalism and balance of powers. The Constitutional leg has been shortened, too. Next thing you know the people’s right to change their government will be fractured.

Who will stand against congressional corruption? Who will stand for decent government?


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