Alderman Zielinski running for Lt. Governor

It’s been rumored State Senator Lena Taylor is thinking about running for Lieutenant Governor in 2010, but while she hasn’t made her intentions officially known, at least one Democrat from Milwaukee is making his intentions clear:



MILWAUKEE, WI. August 21, 2009 . . . Tony Zielinski (D-Milwaukee) announced today he has formed a committee to set the groundwork for the race for the Democratic Party nomination for the open seat of Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor.

Alderman Zielinski was first elected to public office in 1988 as a Milwaukee County Supervisor, and has served since 2004 as an Alderman representing the southeast district of Milwaukee.

Zielinski holds a B.A. in Political Science, a Masters Degree in Business Administration, is a graduate of Marquette University Law School, and is a practicing attorney.

“The Lieutenant Governor has a bully pulpit to champion this state’s Law and Order issues, promote a healthy economy and level the playing field for American workers, “ said Zielinski. “That’s my plan to move this state forward. I will aggressively champion Wisconsin.”

“We will have a new team leading Wisconsin after the election,” said Zielinski. “I look forward to working with the Governor and serving the citizens of Wisconsin and seeing their interests come first when the state spends their tax money.”

Zielinski, who graduated as an Officer from St. John’s Military Academy said that experience taught him discipline and dedication to hard work, adding, “My twenty-one years of experience in elected office has helped me learn how to create coalitions and work with disparate groups to bring people together.”

“My six election victories – most recently with 84% of the vote — have shown I understand the rigors of campaigning. I have experience in building grassroots support,” said Zielinski. “I look forward to stumping the state for the Democratic leadership ticket in the 2010 race.”

Under state law Zielinski can transfer the balance –approximately $50,000 — of his current campaign account to his Lieutenant Governor campaign committee. This is in addition to the $10,000 he raised for the Lieutenant Governor’s race in the first day.

The primary election is in September 2010. The Lieutenant Governor serves a four-year term.


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