And the winner is… Monk Elmer

Monk Elmer, a physician from the Town of Buchanan, wants to unseat incumbent Alan Lasee in Wisconsin’s 1st State Senate District, and though his campaign is still in its infancy, Elmer has already reached an important milestone:

What does Monk Elmer, a first time Democratic candidate running against a 32 year Republican incumbent in a state senate district in Wisconsin, have to do with ActBlue’s landmark $100 Million fundraising milestone?

According to our records, it was a donation to Monk Elmer’s campaign that pushed us past $100 million! A physician, Elmer just launched his campaign (and has raised over $1,000 on ActBlue). He was recently profiled by his local WI paper, the Post-Crescent where you can learn more information about his background, issues, and how he got the name “Monk”.

It’s not entirely surprising that such a landmark contribution comes from one of of the many state district level candidates that use ActBlue. In fact, it’s candidates like Dr. Elmer which are why we work so hard to democratize fundraising and offer online fundraising tools to support thousands of Democratic campaigns.

Congratulations are certainly in order…both to Monk Elmer, whose campaign is off to an interesting start, and to ActBlue for helping raise $100 million for Democratic candidates across the nation.


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7 thoughts on “And the winner is… Monk Elmer

  1. Anyone actually bother to see who he’s really running against? Alan Lasee is retiring. A little fact checking goes a long way…

    1. Hi Pete…you’ll note this was posted on August 29, 2009. Alan Lasee didn’t announce he wouldn’t seek reelection until January 2010.

      A little paying attention goes a long way…

  2. Hi Zach, You libs really scare me, you can’t see what the anyone with a “D” after their names have done to this country this past 18mos. Hopeless

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