Does God want bad healthcare?

I am not making this stuff up:

The Minnesota Family Council says that Obama’s plan for health care reform is against God’s design.

“Some may ask what does God have to do with our health care system,” wrote Minnesota Family Council president Tom Prichard. “For one, He’s created the government as an institution in society to do certain things. When we reject His design for government, in a sense, we’re rejecting Him.”

I am sure that Mr. Prichard did not intend for his remarks to mean that the democracy of gay Greece was God’s plan. That would be difficult for him to support as the president of the Minnesota Family Council. But somehow I also don’t think he meant to support Rome’s republic after what they did to Him.

The good news from Mr. Prichard is that God designed other things in America, too:

“In Obama’s worldview, our trust is in government not in God. A denial of how God designed and created our economic and social systems to actually work in the real world. The result? The abysmal failure of government control of health care in socialist models.

It appears that bad healthcare was designed by God specifically for those who cannot afford to pay for it in America and for those who get it for free in other countries. And those elderly people who eat dog food in order to pay for their meds, well, it was designed that way.

I think that if Mr. Prichard had been around when antibiotics were discovered that he would have been against them, too. They would have been ungodly.

I remember a time when praise was given to God for allowing scientists to discover relief from disease, pain and maladies. Now, however, some seem to think that what God truly wants is human misery for others. For some reason, I don’t think that He would want mankind to discover cures and then not utilize them.

I think those who profess to know what God wants are doing all the talking and are not listening when He speaks. About 2,000 years ago somebody was healing the sick and raising the dead for free. That is more appealing to me then Mr. Prichard’s vision of God’s design. I think that it was not socialism back then but humanitarian and divine.


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