“I’m not a Republican…”

…so says Heather Blish, who introduced herself at a recent town hall meeting hosted by Congressman Steve Kagen as, “just a mom from a few blocks away, and not affiliated with any party.” When asked about her political affiliation later, Blish went on to add she hasn’t been a member of a political party in two years. However, there’s one little problem with that statement: Heather Blish’s own LinkedIn profile shows she was an Advisor to the IT Committee of the Republican Party of Wisconsin until 2008, and she also served as Vice-Chairman of the Republican Party of Kewaunee County until 2008.

Here’s some video:

Now I don’t find fault with Heather Blish for attending Rep. Kagen’s town hall, if she was truly there as a “concerned mom,” but what I don’t understand is why she felt she needed to lie about her background, if her motives for attending were really as benign as she stated.


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3 thoughts on ““I’m not a Republican…”

  1. Or could it be that she, like many others, has become disenchanted with the Republican Party, and that resulted in her public denial of affiliation with a political party despite contrary evidence?

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