Sadly, Palin’s marriage might end reports that they cannot report the details that the Palins are divorcing until they confirm some information.

I am sorry to hear this. I wish them both a good life, however, it turns out.


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8 thoughts on “Sadly, Palin’s marriage might end

  1. I think this is not her objective anymore.

    However, there must be political people who knew the rumors of the affair when she was nominated for VP. Those same political people recommended her to John McCain.

    They should be ashamed that they participated in the promotion of Sarah Palin. While I will not indict them as a contributor to the dissolution, they ought to be asking themselves if they were part of the problem.

  2. Did anyone believe she was running in 2012? I don’t think she would have resigned if she had intentions of running in 2012. However…why couldn’t a divorced woman run for President??

  3. George frickin’ Dubya got in the White House, and at not one point did he step aside from his gubernatorial duty. Of course it was pretty minimal… this is the guy who took more time off in August 2001 than most people get in a year.

  4. This is old news that was covered last week (see the August 1st date). So far it is unconfirmed with Palin and her staff denying it. I suspect that it is true, but she is just waiting for an opportune time to reveal that good old Todd has gone bye bye…

  5. You seemed pretty eager to report this unsubstantiated rumor a year ago about the Palins, yet nothing about Gore’s recently announced divorce or current troubles. Interesting.

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