Stimulus money comes to Barron County

House Rep. Obey, state Rep. Hubler, and state Sen. Jauch were to participate in the announcement of stimulus money coming to Rice Lake this past  Thursday but I don’t have confirmation that they came.

Main Street, Haugen, and Pioneer Avenues reconstruction will all come under the $3.5 million stimulus grant and work is to begin in 2010.

(Mayor) Fitzgerald said Rice Lake submitted a number of projects for funding, but they were initially denied. The city then asked Jauch and Hubler to work toward securing funding. Jauch and Hubler had several conversations with Wisconsin Transportation Secretary Frank Busalacchi and Doyle’s office to encourage stimulus support for the Rice Lake projects.

Thanks to state Rep. Mary Hubler and state Senator Jauch for their help.

Also thanks to Rep. Obey, state Rep. Hubler, and Gov. Doyle for  $600K for  a new  Turtle Lake Library and storm shelter.

It is heartening  to see state and federal politicians working together for the common good of Wisconsin. Like many other political  hypocrites,  I think that the federal government should be more frugal. However, (this is the hypocritical part) I like to see federal money spent on the needs of ordinary communities and people. You can keep your bridges to nowhere but I will take federal monies for existing  public roads and new public libraries every time. This is good for ordinary people like you and I.


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