Thanks for the conversations

I enjoyed  my time as a contributor at  BB; however, there are two projects that will consume my attention for the next few months and I must make some time for them.

This is a warm  community with  invigorating  challenges and ripostes on all the daily topics. Because of that, I will still ‘see’  you in the comments from time to time.

Thank you for the conversations.



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8 thoughts on “Thanks for the conversations

  1. PB, thank you for what you’ve added to the conversation here at Blogging Blue. You know you’ve got an open invitation to come back and add your thoughts any time you want.

  2. Good luck with the projects & thanks for your contributions. I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughts & though I’ve often disagreed, you’ve been a big part of reason I’ve hung around here: honest and respectful debate.

      1. I did say “part of the reason” – ‘part’ ie. a piece, a fragment, some but not all.

        A nice commentary wishing PB well and you gotta make it all about you. 🙂

  3. To all: Thank you for the kind words. Please remember them. I imagine I’ll be disagreeing again soon :0)

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