Today’s AGH stupidity

Amy Geiger-Hemmer (AGH) is at it again, and this time she shows just how little she knows about the world outside Merton, Wisconsin – population 7,988. In today’s attempt by AGH to explain why Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s liberal beliefs are to blame for him being violently attacked by Anthony J. Peters, AGH cites the fact that if it weren’t for “soft on crime liberals,”, Peters would be sitting in prison (emphasis mine):

We see too often the violent perpetrators, once caught, are treated with kid gloves and don’t serve the prison time they deserve. Anthony Peters – who attacked Barrett and another woman – should have been sitting in prison. He was well-known to the West Allis police, and had a lengthy criminal record. His background included: several assaults, disorderly conduct, and an assortment of other crimes.

Here’s what’s wrong with Amy’s argument: it’s absolutely moronic. A quick search of CCAP and the City of Milwaukee’s Municipal Court website turned up a few open misdemeanor criminal cases from 2008 and 2009 and two municipal citations issued in the City of Milwaukee, but no actual convictions of any crimes. I couldn’t find one single criminal conviction involving Peters, and while Anthony Peters may not have been a stranger to the police in West Allis, the last time I checked, an individual couldn’t go to prison without first being convicted of a crime – that’s what separates our nation from two-bit dictatorships. What’s more, even if Peters had been convicted of one of the crimes for which he has pending criminal charges, he certainly wouldn’t be sent to prison. After all, while Amy Geiger-Hemmer might think it would be a grand idea to employ a “lock ’em up and throw away the key” system for anyone convicted of any violent, in the real world folks convicted of misdemeanors don’t get sent to prison.

People shouldn’t speak of what they know little – or nothing – about; it just makes them look stupid.


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  1. “People shouldn’t speak of what they know little – or nothing – about; it just makes them look stupid.”

    That’s kind of similar to Obama talking about Cambridge, Sgt. Crowley and Prof. Gates, isn’t it?

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