Why is Peter so violent?

Peter DiGaudio, whose response to the election of Barack Obama to the Presidency was to threaten the President-elect’s life, is back to his old tricks, this time threatening violence against union members who might dare show up at one of Rep. Paul Ryan’s open houses in the next few weeks:

Peter DiGaudio We may just have to bring tire irons, crowbars and brass knuckles to Paul Ryan’s town halls in a couple of weeks in case these goons show up. Just to defend ourselves.

Given the threats that have already been made against union members by opponents of health care reform, as well as his own proclivity for threats of violence, I’m not at all surprised by Peter DiGaudio’s threats on Facebook.

Stay classy, Peter!


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12 thoughts on “Why is Peter so violent?

  1. It’s because his behavior is enabled by dad29, Patrick Dorwin, Bruce Redenz, Roland Melnick (all of Badger Blogger), Fred Dooley, etc.

    1. Don’t worry Fred, I already posted about that!

      By the way, nice job staying on topic! Got nothing to say about what Peter said? Should I take your lack of condemnation of what he said as support for his comments?

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