The Utne Reader has an interesting article in its 25th Anniversary Edition regarding Jonathan Haidt, a  University of Virginia scholar, who is trying to move beyond the red state/blue state clichés. He would like  both liberals and conservatives to  see past the demonization of each other and develop an understanding of the multiple moral compasses that exist within mankind.

Haidt has identified ‘five foundational moral impulses’:

Harm/care: It is wrong to hurt people; it is good to relieve suffering.

Fairness/reciprocity: Justice and fariness are good; people have certain rights that need to be upheld in social interactions.

In-group loyalty: People should be true to their group an dwary of threats from the outside. Allegiance, loyalty, and patriotism are virtues; betrayal is bad.

Authority/respect: People should respect social heirarchy; social order is necessary for human life.

Purity/sanctity: The body and certain aspects of life are sacred. Cleanliness and health, as well as their derivatives of chastity and piety, are all good. Pollution, contamination,  and associated character traits of lust and greed are all bad.

Liberals feel strongly about the first two dimensions and conservatives the other three. 

 If you have some time, check out and take the test to see how you fair. I completed the Moral Foundations Questionnaire but there are four others to consider: War and Peace, Political Attitudes, Grayscale Perception , and Moral Stroop (reaction time measurement).

“In the graph below, your scores on each foundation are shown in green (the 1st bar in each set of 3 bars). The scores of all liberals who have taken it on our site are shown in blue (the 2nd bar), and the scores of all conservatives are shown in red (3rd bar). Scores run from 0 (the lowest possible score, you completely reject that foundation) to 5 (the highest possible score, you very strongly endorse that foundation and build much of your morality on top of it).”

My  scores below imply that  a  change in  pseudonym is necessary,  but for some reason ‘Heartless Dictator’ doesn’t sit well with me. I might have to settle for ‘NotPartiallyBlue’ for the wiggle room,  but more than likely I will stick with what I have.

moral foundation results


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