Dave Westlake gets nuttier as the days go by

In his latest YouTube video, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dave Westlake makes it abundantly clear he’d never apologize if he made a mistake as an elected official, and he also went on to say that it’s perfectly okay to be impolite towards others.

In his video, Westlake went on to add that first and foremost he’s an American, as is Rep. Joe “You lie!” Wilson and the folks who fight to defend the Constitution and attend tea parties, but curiously, Westlake didn’t mention if those who happen to disagree with his narrow worldview (which would be liberals and anyone not wearing a tinfoil hat) are Americans as well. So here’s what I’m wondering….does Dave Westlake think Sen. Russ Feingold and President Barack Obama are not Americans because their political beliefs differ from his own?

In his latest video, Dave Westlake also talks a lot about our nation’s founding fathers, but let’s be clear – Dave Westlake is no Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, or Benjamin Franklin; in fact, Dave Westlake’s not even on par with Bob Lorge or Tim Michels.


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26 thoughts on “Dave Westlake gets nuttier as the days go by

  1. With all do respect Zack, your interpretation of what Dave said isn’t even close. What both Democrats and Republicans believe in is important but make no mistake, our constitution works not on trust but the rights of citizens to always question and keep elected officials in check. The fact that we have two parties is a good thing and to even think one party has all the answers is idiocy. I don’t know Dave Westlake but all indications are he is a person of high caliber. I just watched this video and it’s quite clear what he is talking about is the basic fundamentals of OUR constitution, how is he not right in what he said? Every president should be questioned, it’s our right, and the constitution tells us that. When that Joe Wilson fella said that it might of been un-polite but Obama was clearly lying. Both sides know that, and anybody who understands the proposed bill understands what a loop hole is and how it works. As a Democrat myself I was a little let down when he said that because the proposed bill was clearly written with the loop hole, that was by design. I’m at a point in my life where I could care less about party, sooner or later somebody has to start being honerable, and maybe that’s Dave Westlake. Either way everything he said is very much the truth.


  2. I lived next to Dave Westlake for a year when we were both cadets at West Point. They don’t come any nicer than Dave Westlake. I have seen Dave in all sorts of situations (stressful, lack of sleep, etc.,) and he always conducted himself with respect and consideration for others. That is just who he is. Our country needs individuals who can put the country before party interest. I have to question the motives of party activist who can’t see the forest from the trees in this regard. Clearly, politics as usual is not working. ‘Playing to the party base’ is a shortsighted power play. You might consider adjusting your tin-foil hat, Zack, and examine how far you are willing to compromise on your principles in order to preserve a Liberal agenda, and perhaps to re-examine your principles, as well. As a registered Democrat, I am embarrassed at your shortsighted approach, your ability to shade the truth, and your irresponsible approach to politics. We need statesmen to step forward – Westlake has the character and seems to be up for the task. The Dave Westlake I know will give it an honest effort and will remain true to his core values day in and day out. That is why this Democrat is firmly behind Dave Westlake.

    1. Marc, I don’t own a tinfoil hat, but thanks for your concern!

      As for your comment that our country needs individuals who put the country before party interest, I’d challenge you to cite a specific example of an issue where Dave Westlake won’t toe the Republican Party line and will instead do what he believes to be right for the country.

  3. Zach,

    As I mentioned, I lived next to Dave Westlake for a year, at a time when he was not running for office. We were in college. If ever you could see a glimpse of someone’s character, it is probably at a time when they are at ease, amongst friends, and believe ‘no one is watching’. Our college just happened to be the United States Military Academy – an institution that instutionalized stress, if you, will. My assertion is that Dave Westlake is a man of principle and that in the time that I knew him, I was extremely impressed by his attitude selfless attitude, even under very stressful conditions.

    Right now, most of us in the country our upset at the way things have gone this past year, so I find it not surprising, that in a campaign, Westlake is not campaigning for the current Democratic direction. Afterall, how many Democrats campaign on conservative values? Are you arguing for a renewed recalcitrance among our Democratic Leaders? Or would you say that we need to, as a nation, change our mode of politics. (Strong Hint: The answer is B – we should go back to ‘Change we can Believe in’)

    I am concerned, Zach, because you are out here railing against a man of good character. I don’t see you making points about issues. I see you personalizing it, in a nasty way, as you point fingers at Westlake, predicting that he will get nasty. Unfortunately, you are part of the problem, then.

    Have you ever disagreed with Feingold? Have you ever called attention to his shortcomings? Unless the man is super-natural, I’m sure he is done something that does not meet your expectations? If not, maybe he is some super-natural being, and thus the reason for your tin-foil hat! Perhaps you don’t see the problem we have here. Karl Rove took the Republican party too far. Obama has taken the Democratic party too far. It is time to govern on principles, not party politics. My advice is to reach up, grab the hat you are wearing, and either pull it up, or cut eyeholes in it, and look in the mirror. It just maybe tinfoil after all!

    Don’t attack the man’s character and then cry foul when I call a spade a spade, by pointing out that you are exhuding a blind allegiance to Feingold. Its just that sort of behaviour that has gotten us where we are today in the era of the perpetual campaign.

    1. Marc, I’m still waiting for you to cite a specific example of an issue in which Dave Westlake won’t toe the Republican Party line.

      Instead of attacking me and making cracks about tinfoil hats, try answering my question. Which issue of importance to Wisconsin’s voters will Dave Westlake buck the Republican Party and do what’s best for Wisconsin’s voters?

  4. Zachus,

    The issue is not whether Mr. Westlake will adhere to your logic so much as whether he will stand by his principles. I am standing up for a man’s character. If you feel yourself attacked, then perhaps its time to review what is being contested here. It appears you are changing the argument.

    You have implied that Westlake believes what you believe but has somehow sold his core beliefs out for conservative votes. You have asserted that he is a man of poor character who would knowingly stretch the truth. You have steadfastly held that he is rude and inconsiderate. I counter that he is a good man and that in all my dealings with him, I have never seen ill will. I have also done so in a playful way that has made you look foolish, and dare I say, question winter in Wisconsin, the humor of The 70s Show, all things Dairy, or God forbid – Brett Favre’s legacy as a Packer.

    Have I had some fun at your expense? Is Red Foreman still hot for Kitty? Is Gouda better hickory smoked??? You bet your ass I’ve had fun at your expense! You’ve called Westlake out for something that you’re off base on. Your wrong, and I’ve backed it up with my personal experience dealing with Dave. This is not a debate about the issues. This is about character, and if you get personal, then get it right, but for the love of Old Milwaukee, if you can dish it out, you better be able to take it! Time for you to grow some thicker skin, and some character while you are at it. Take your lumps and move on, perhaps, to issues you believe in rather than defending your sensitive side.

    1. Marc, if you think you’ve offended me, you’re sorely mistaken. It’ll take more than lame cracks about tinfoil hats, but thanks for the effort.

      However, I’m still waiting for an answer to my question. You said, “Our country needs individuals who can put the country before party interest,” and I’m still waiting for you to clearly articulate on which issues Dave Westlake would buck the Republican Party if elected. I know you’d rather hurl lame insults and avoid answering the question, but I’d like an answer. Think hard, and then name an issue of importance to Wisconsin’s voters on which Dave Westlake would not toe the Republican Party line and would vote against what his party wanted.

      In case you need a list of a few issues to get you started, here’s a few:

      • Taxes
      • Health care reform
      • Job creation
      • National security

      Those are just a few issues, but feel free to discuss something I didn’t include on that list.

  5. Zach,

    You arent helping yourself here. You cant have it both ways. You attack Mr. Westlake constantly but get upset when someone supports him over your saint Mr. Feingold. We all have the right to support who we feel is best for us in Washington and you seem to think anyone who doesnt approve of your view is wrong. If you want to have your freedom to support Mr. Feingold then you have to believe in others freedom not to support him.

    I have met personally with Mr. Westlake and he has cared enough to listen to my concerns. In fact, he did so in my own livingroom. Mr. Feingold has yet to return an email, return a call or show any care towards my concerns. There is no doubt between the two who is more interested in what the citizens of Wisconsin are facing in these difficult times, and who already knows what is best for us and doesn’t need to hear from us.

    You can continue to attack Mr. Westlake but it it lowers your own credibility with respect to fairness and honesty. You have created a fascination for Mr. Feingold and it has blinded you from seeing or believing anything other than him.

    1. Tom, I don’t begrudge anyone for choosing to support Dave Westlake or Terrence Wall over Sen. Feingold; I simply disagree with that decision.

      However, that’s what makes our system so great – we can agree to disagree.

      1. Just to be clear, there are two different Toms posting here so I am adding a last initial.

        Mr. Zach I appreciate your appreciation of individuals being able to support candidates of their choice. We can agree to disagree on who we may think is better able or suited to represent us in Washington. I like to think I am fair and open minded minded enough to see other’s points of view. Maybe you or someone else might show me a different way of looking at things. I want the best person for the job no matter the party.

        I prefer open dialogue over personal attacks as so many conversations turn into.

  6. Zach (different Tom here)

    I am curious as to your position on the constitution. You seem to mock it when people defend it as in your post above “In his video, Westlake went on to add that first and foremost he’s an American, as is Rep. Joe “You lie!” Wilson and the folks who fight to defend the Constitution and attend tea parties”.

    What you seem to be missing is that without the Constitution, you wouldn’t have your nice little blog and be able to say what you will about various candidates. And frankly, if it wasn’t for tea parties, you wouldn’t have the freedoms you enjoy today. Think back to history class and the year is 1773 when Boston colonists attacked a British ship because of unfair taxes. These people at tea parties are basically in the same boat (no pun intended) that they’re tired of being overly taxed – however in this case to pay for social programs.

    Now as far as “toeing the line” goes. Feingold has been quoted by saying that over 90% of the people at his healthcare rallies want universal healthcare. However, we know this is an outright lie because that would imply that 90% of this state is Democrat or Liberal. This is a bill written by Democrats, supported by Democrats. No one including Westlake, I’m positive of this, says that healthcare reform isn’t important, however, just handing it out like candy at Halloween is not the way to do it. Especially since the current bill has nothing to do with healthcare, but rather insurance coverage. In that example, that wouldn’t be toeing the line, rather looking for alternatives to a flawed bill and flawed set of processes.

    Perhaps you should actually think about both sides of an argument before making yours, especially as one sided as yours tend to be.

  7. Zach,

    Everyone is waking up and more and more people are demanding a better world, life and government. Main stream media is horrible on promoting propaganda but a lot of people are also seeing through the bullcrap.

    Please go back to your couch and watch your reality tv please. You have not one commentor who has supported you, maybe your thinking is a litte off, just maybe?

  8. Zack,

    Like you, I have a lot of concern and suspicion against ultra-conservatives. However, I have to be honest here — you have a lot of anger. You are personally attacking the candidate, but even worse, you then attack the folks that are speaking logically on your blog. You need to support free speech as well, as that is a hallmark of liberal values. Marc was only speaking of Mr Westlakes’ character, and how in the world did you throw insults at that? If you want to connect with future voters, then make calm and reasonable arguments. I would root for you and wish you success with your blog. But for goodness sakes, calm down the primitive personal attacks. They do not help the party nor the cause one bit. You are counterproductive.

    1. Chris, thanks for your concern, and thanks for your expert analysis of me! While I certainly appreciate your assessment of my level of anger, I can assure you I’m not angered. Am I amused by Dave Westlake and his defenders? Absolutely! Angered? Not one bit!

      Thanks for visiting!

  9. Zach,

    I decided to do exactly what you are asking – I tracked Westlake down at an event last night and asked him to provide me with an example of where he diverges from the Republican Party. The first thing that he pointed out is that the party (and both parties do this) stipulates how much money must be raised by a candidate before the convention in order to earn their support. Westlake has publicly refused to take large donations and is raising money through T-shirt sales and keeping contributions under $50. The party is not happy about his decision.

    Westlake says that the decision to enter Afghanistan and Iraq without a formal declaration of war was unconstitutional and faced with a similar situation, he would insist on a declaration of war or he would vote against expenditures to finance this type of expedition.

    He said that the Republicans have put forth 3 different health care reform plans. He stated that the regulation of health care is not within the power of the federal government as it is not in the Constitution. Faced with a vote for one of these bills, he would vote no on a Republican plan since it violates the Constitution.

    Seems that Westlake is more focused on the Constitution than on the Republican Party or its platform. Now there’s an idea…

    1. Yeah, I can see how Westlake having a “money bomb” really differentiates him from other Republicans.

      Oh, and you say Westlake says he won’t take donations above $50, but a quick look at hisdonations page shows nothing indicating he won’t take donations above $50. What’s more, Westlake’s campaign announced back in January he wouldn’t be fundraising anymore, so the fact that he’s now actively fundraising is certainly a flip-flop.

  10. I like the unbiased reporting. Okay, so it’s not a news paper. Oh, they wouldn’t be unbiased either. Anyway, When the President runs through a health care plan keeping the opposition from even being involved and even that the majority of the people do not want it, that okay with the liberals. Do you know why? Because they want it. They are jumping up and down while their rights are being stripped away but they are liberals. They don’t want rights. In November it will all change as many liberals have come to their senses as well as independents. I just pray we get conservatives/Republicans who think independently such as Dave Westlake and not the buy the election kind who could care less for the people.

  11. That’s just such a wonderful speech. How could anyone vote for Dave? I even heard he may pick his nose on occasion.
    Here is the good news Dave Westlake fans, if this is the worst they can come up with, the choice is clear. Democrats and Republicans alike will be voting for Westlake.

  12. Zack, I believe he would buck the party on abortion and gay marriage. The party is now on the far left of right. Dave is opposed to those issues and I believe he is his own man with God’s guidance on every issue. No more Good old boys club. The Johnson vote is a vote on the same old way. The Westlake vote is to bring us back to how our parents and grandparents felt!

    1. Jack, Dave wouldn’t buck the Republican Party on gay marriage or abortion; he’d vote in lock-step with any efforts to take away the right to choose for women or to deny same-sex couples the opportunity to enjoy marriage equality.

  13. Hi Zach, Hmmmm, Well, a funny way to put it. Now I know what side of the aisle you are on. You just think that most republicans are against those things. Of course you are right but too many are trying to sit on the fence.

    I would love to change your mind if I would be allowed to try.
    I would have to ask a few questions such as:

    Do you believe in God? If no the other questions are moot.

    Do you believe god has communicated his will to man?

    When do you believe the “fetus” is human?

    1. Do I believe in God? Yes.

      Do I believe God has communicated his will to man? Yes.

      When do I believe a fetus is human? When it’s viable.

      1. Wow. Just Wow.

        So as technology progresses on the viability front, you would support a smaller and smaller window of permissible abortion?

        What’s your definition of viability? The ability to live on his/her own? An infant can’t do that. Some teenagers can’t do that. I guess a beating heart means nothing until it meets some artificial/subjective definion of “viability.”

        I still think it’s funny how liberals run around saying we must listen to “science”, until it comes to viewing a sonogram.

        1. Couldn’t agree more – the viability argument is so unbelievably arbitrary – it doesn’t get any more illogical. If that’s your criteria, at the broadest level, as you say newborns on up to older children are not viable on their own without care from adults. Tough luck to those born with severe mental disabilities.

          Roe defined it as the “interim point at which the fetus becomes “viable,” that is, potentially able to live outside the mother’s womb, albeit with artificial aid.” Further they said, “Viability is usually placed at about seven months (28 weeks) but may occur earlier, even at 24 weeks.”

          But what’s the current record for a premie? 20 weeks or so I believe. So when the rights of the child surpass the privacy rights of the mother has been entirely fluid. A century ago, it may have been 35 weeks, but today could be as low as 20. Then again, should it vary depending on the quality of a hospital? I mean a child that is born where top notch neonatal facilities exist would then be viable at a much younger age than where they are not available, right? In third world contries, we should allow abortions much later than in more medically advanced ones, right?

          And ultimately, it’s only a matter of time before viability is essentially 0, right? We’re talking about rights here – a right of the child to exist weighed against the rights of the mother to terminate her pregnancy. How in the hell do rights change so drastically depending on the technology? It’s like saying that your free speech writes are different depending on whether you right it longhand, use a typewriter or a computer.

          On a related note, Mrs. Locke & I are expecting our third. She’s 8 weeks and this is the first I’ve mentioned it anywhere. Technically I’m not allowed to officially tell anyone yet – but given the little bit of anonymity here I figured I’d mention it. Baby Locke III, at 8 weeks, has fingers & toes that are developing. Wrists, ankles & elbows are visible. Eyelids, ears, & nose are becoming more defined. The heart, which began beating at week 5, is up over 80 beats per minute. Next week, he or she will begin moving around.

  14. Great answers. If you believe God communicated his will do you believe he did it through the Bible?

    Do you believe anybody which is not viable should be terminated? E.G. Life support?

    Do you believe in Partial birth abortion?

    Would you please watch this young lady and tell me your opinion.

    Zach, I have to leave now but I really would like to hear your views. Please post and I should be back on tomorrow.

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