Dave Westlake won’t be running a clean campaign in 2010

It’s pretty obvious Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dave Westlake won’t be running a clean campaign in 2010, if a recent video posted on his YouTube channel is any indication.

In the video in question, Westlake starts his mudslinging with a blatant lie, asserting Sen. Russ Feingold has remained “silent” on the issue of health care, “sitting back in the weeds” and doing nothing on the issue. Now perhaps Dave Westlake really hasn’t been paying attention to what Sen. Feingold’s been spending much of his time talking about lately, but the issue of health care is at the top of the list of things Sen. Feingold’s been talking to his constituents about.

Heck, if Dave Westlake were really interested in telling the truth about Sen. Feingold, he’d have his crack campaign staff do a quick search on Sen. Feingold’s official U.S. Senate website, where there’s a whole bunch (97, to be exact) of press releases clearly outlining how vocal Sen. Feingold has been on the issue of health care. What’s more, Sen. Feingold hasn’t just been talking about the issue of health care, he’s actually been taking action.

For example, Sen. Feingold, along with Sen. Herb Kohl and Rep. Dave Obey led the entire Wisconsin Congressional delegation in a bipartisan March 2009 letter to HHS officials, urging them to approve Governor Doyle’s application for a three-year extension of the SeniorCare program, which serves 86,000 Wisconsin seniors.

What’s more, back in March of this year Sen. Feingold, along with Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, reintroduced legislation (the Rural Medicare Equity Act of 2009) to address Medicare’s discrimination against seniors and health care providers in rural America. In a statement, Sen. Feingold noted, “Despite paying Medicare taxes just like other Americans, Wisconsinites get less from Medicare than residents of many other states.”

Sen. Feingold was also busy tackling the issue of health care in 2008, as he worked with Governor Doyle and other members of the Wisconsin delegation to extend BadgerCare Plus to uninsured childless adults, helping an estimated 81,000 Wisconsinites gain access to the health care they need. Sen. Feingold also supported a mental health parity measure passed by Congress which will help those dealing with mental illness get access to medical benefits and treatment, and Sen. Feingold also supported a measure that was signed into law by the President which prohibits insurance providers, employers and labor organizations from discriminating against individuals based on genetic information.

Clearly Sen. Russ Feingold has been working hard on the issue of health care, and shame on Dave Westlake for blatantly lying just to score cheap points for his second-tier Senate campaign.


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16 thoughts on “Dave Westlake won’t be running a clean campaign in 2010

  1. what kind of “candidate” doesn’t even watch his opponent on an instate political tv program? Russ was on the UpFront program just yesterday talking in detail about health care. is this guy westlake even serious?

  2. I still don’t understand how this government plans to actually pay for it. Not one independent firm says it will work. Any ideas, with all do respect I watched Russ Feingold and all he did was talking points, details would be nice wouldn’t it. I wish someone would validate how it will be paid for, not just say “were going to cut wate” that’s not a plan, that’s just good intentions. ARGGGG frustrating isn’t it? I want to see the numbers!


    1. henry, how about addressing the point I made regarding the kind of negative campaign Dave Westlake is already running? Do you approve of campaigns based on negative attacks and mudslinging?

  3. Zack its going to get real ugly,Westlake’s going to use the divorce thing against Feingold.Feingold is the only liberal worth his weight.The man will stand alone on issues be it rep or dem.I have’nt followed politics much untill the last few years,I have never seen A campaign that was’nt full of mudslinging

  4. Hi Zach, no I do not like negative campaigns. Sometimes things do come off as negative because any situation will always have two sides. Not many people in competition will point out the good stuff.

    The reality is it seems each election year things tend to get more negative, i think that’s because each election year we also see more divide between sides. One thing I tend to see is a very strong trend in how average voters see the world. Most people could care less about party, they just want to see results, and there freaking out about what’s going on in the state and country.

    Over the years the democrats have really made a left turn and the old school democrats don’t like that. However, the republicans have a real problem in that the party has no leaders and the message has no clarity.

    As a neutral guy just concerned about where were headed as a country I can say that so far Westlake is right on target, and so far hasn’t said anything untrue. I guess we’ll have to see how things progress in his campaign.

    On the Feingold side, is he saying anything so far? Iv’e been looking but can’t find much, I suppose it’s still early though.


  5. I am campaigning for Mr. Westlake. I am in the trucking business and Mr. Feingold is against small business truckers. I have written Mr. Feingold many times telling him my views on issues(not limited to transportation). The only thing I have EVER received from his office are form letters saying how he understands my pain.

    Mr. Westlake responds personally to every letter. Mr. Westlake made a special stop to meet me in person, in my living room to hear my story. Mr. Fiengold would never waste his time actually listening to the people of Wisconsin. After all, he is an elitist who already knows whats best for us.

    Mr. Peri also is concerned with what Wisconsin people have to say. He does town all meetings, unlike Mr. Feingold. He does return letters and calls, unlike Mr. Feingold. He directs his staff to help people with issues and problems, unlike Mr. Feingold. Why would he? he already knows what’s best for us remember?

    I realize this is your website to say what you want about candidates and to promote Mr. Feingold but with all due respect, Mr. Westlake isnt the person you are putting him down to be.

    1. Hi Tom, I noticed you wrote that Sen. Feingold doesn’t hold town hall meetings. You might want to check on that, because Sen. Feingold has held listening sessions in every single one of Wisconsin’s 72 counties every year he’s been in office.

      As to your assertion Sen. Feingold is against small business truckers, I’d love to hear some specific examples of why you believe that.

  6. Zack sure sounds like a campaign rep for Feingold. I sum it up this way… every major initiative from the Pelosi Congress has been bad for business and hence bad for jobs.

    Raising Minimum Wage – Raises employment costs
    Cap & Trade – Raises energy costs for businesses
    Government Health Care – Raises medical costs and taxes on business

    Feingold has supported all of these initiatives. Feingold is bad for business and bad for jobs. It is that simple.

    1. Wayne, perhaps you haven’t noticed, but it’s not as if medical costs are low right now, and they’re certainly not getting any lower.

      But hey, if you’re perfectly okay with our health care system as-is, then so be it.

  7. Wow, Westlake saying that Fiengold has said nothing on healthcare is proof that he won’t run a clean campaign? What world are you living in? I have absolutely no knowledge of Westlake or Wall, probably not a good sign in a statewide election, however I have followed Feingold. I used to respect him for bucking the partisan politics in Washington, but after his blatant hypocrisy on the health care debate I have no use for him. He constantly speaks of being against earmarks and pork, yet he has supported this bill which the Dem’s could only pass by bribing their own members with massive kickbacks. Something stinks, but its blowing from Feingold himself not from any dirty campaigning.

  8. Hi Zach,

    A couple of questions for you?

    1)Do YOU seek the truth or do YOU shade it and manipulate it to your advantage?

    I’m asking because you seen like just the type of hypocritcal wacko that has thrown away independent thought and is siding, for better or worse with the 2 party system.

    2) How do you feel about TERM LIMITS? Are you in favor, or are you satisfied with the current mess we have by career politicians

    3)What is your VISION for America? Is it a place where we can achieve our dreams, or is it a place where we our afforded and provided a packaged dream by someone else who has decided what is best for us.

    4)Are you able to answer the question briefly and succinctly while acknowledging that I am calling you out as just the sort of hack that is at fault for America’s woes – someone with blind allegiance and who will without scruples fight for an agenda that unwittinglg keeps things as they are.

    5) If I am wrong in my assessment of you as sophomoric moron, are you mature enough to still answer the questions based on logic rather than raw and unfettered emotion.

    6) Your current record od responses suggests that you can’t take the emotion out of your arguments, and will find a way to digress into emotional rumblings. Mind you, I am interested in a better road ahead for America, not in calling you out as an emotional basket case, so I am interested to see if you can respond without taking this personally. Good Luck!

    1. I don’t believe you are interested in answers nor do you wish to further the discussions.

      Your personal attacks, false premises, and baiting are hallmarks of a professional disruptor based upon my 15 years of experience engaging in online discussions and an adviser to such online sites.

      My advice given to other sites, is to have an ignore feature so other members do not waste time on such as you.

    2. Marc, I’m fascinated that you’d call me “just the sort of hack that is at fault for America’s woes,” because I’d argue you’re in no position to judge, given the rhetoric you used to attack me.

      When you’re ready to have a conversation that doesn’t involve you hurling as many insults as possible, let me know.

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