14 thoughts on “Watch Closely You’ll See A WI Rep (u know the one failing to represent his district)

  1. You mean the one who sent out personal information via email about a person who is supporting health care reform so his sheeple can intimidate and harass her?? Nothing like an elected official trampling on a person’s right to free speech. I used to like Ryan…but not anymore. These politicians need to get it through their heads they work for us…all of us…not just the ones who always agree with them.

  2. Are you talking about the lady who sent out the emails to tell people to disrupt Ryan’s townhall meetings? The lady who was dumb enough to include her personal information on a politically charged email? How were her rights to free speech violated?

  3. Silent E,

    I’m the lady “dumb” enough to send out an email with my personal information. The email did not encourage disruption at Ryan’s meetings (which Ryan and his staff have admitted) and that’s why it is currently under investigation. Mr. Ryan pulled a CYA move and apologized in the hopes of avoiding further investigation, but he was wrong. His actions resulted in dozens of threats of physical violence to me and to my friends and we were able to prove without a doubt it came from his office.

    Unlike you, I don’t have a problem with using my name. I do however, have a problem with people lying in my name, and a bigger problem with people who instruct media surrogates repeat their lies.

    Whether I agree with him or not, He is my elected official and he circulated constituent information for political purposes which is an ETHICS violation not a free speech violation.

    Paul Ryan and his staff were the ones dumb enough to include their fax number in the PDF they circulated and it’s catching up with them.

    Lastly, if a Democrat did the same thing I would be just as disappointed in them. Any elected official who can’t stand up to a handful a middle aged ladies asking questions is not fit to be in office.

    1. My name is Ric Larson and many people know this, including Zach. It’s no secret. I use silent E so people associate me with my blog…….

      I just read the letter. The first paragraph upon first reading it can be a bit deceiving given the way some of the organized union members and other groups have been acting toward people against this health care bill but after getting through the whole thing I found it pretty innocuous. I’m not sure Ryan was wrong to release this as it was sent over a public medium and making his people aware that your people will be organizing is not wrong. The free speech thing works both ways…. His releasing it may have sparked some loons out there but that’s not the type of person Congressman Ryan is nor does he condone that behavior. I hope next time you don’t send the personal info along with your email and if you do I would hope they other side would be kind enough to black it out.

      The threats…… That’s bad. The folks that I blog with and hang around are not those people just as I know Zach and his crew here are not those people on the other end of the spectrum…

      1. Thank you Ric,

        I am always impressed at how civil even disagreements are on Blogging Blue. Paul Ryan’s staff know me, I have been in contact with them several times this summer, in perfectly professional ways I should add. Other C4C members as well. If they had any questions it would not have been unusual or uncomfortable for them to give me a call.

        I cannot say at this time how much of this was generated by his staff- with or without his knowledge. To send it to Mark Belling, Charlie Sykes, Red State and WISGOP.com tells me they were looking to drum up support, but instead they ginned up hatred and intimidation.

        Something terrible could have happened and they should have known that. Having gotten nearly 1000 emails in 48 hours which were threatening, hateful and scary, I am really glad to hear there are conservatives out there who don’t buy into the bullying we’ve seen this summer at town halls across the country.

        Cheers to you Silent E.

      2. E, you hit the nail on the head. There’s plenty of room for healthy (and passionate) debate between the two ends of the political spectrum, but at the same time I think the kinds of hatred and outright hostility we’ve seen from both sides depending on the issue is going too far.

  4. I am wondering why the ONLY e-mail which was forwarded to the media was the one they misinterpreted as calling upon “our side” to disrupt. I was present at the Monday meeting as a supporter of reform; I was amazed to discover the angry crowds at the Eagle meeting. I had to ask the couple sitting next to me why there was so much media and police in attendance; they explained that an announcement had gone out on the radio that a group of “DNC-paid, political activists from Racine had circulated an e-mail calling for supporters to attend the session to protest and disrupt Ryan”. Wow, I said, my friends and I (five of us) are political activists from Racine, but we aren’t paid, professional protesters and we have no intention of any disruption”. Hearing that this started with an e-mail, I thought OMG I sent an e-mail on Sat calling for Obama supporters to attend whichever meetings they could. However my message specifically called for participation in “a dignified, courteous, respectful manner”.

    There is much more to the play-by-play events of that day but suffice it to say that I approached Danyell Tremmel, a Ryan staffer and asked for her e-mail address so I could forward a copy of my e-mail to “set the record straight”. I did so that very evening and spoke directly with her the next morning at the Sharon session to ask if she had received it and forwarded it to Representative Ryan. She said she had read my e-mail, agreed that there was no call for disruption and that she did forward it to Ryan.

    Now, my question is this: Why wasn’t that second e-mail sent to the media in an attempt to end the hate-mongering and threats of violence? Instead, there was no public mention or acknowledgement of this e-mail. They had it in their possession by Monday evening. Instead Ryan and/or Ryan’s staff permitted the hostility to smolder and further ignite. To make me even more convinced that Paul Ryan and/or his staff were a knowing party to fanning the flames is that I spoke directly to Paul Ryan after the Flatiron Mall meeting last Tuesday. I pointed out that this “war” between the right and left has to end and both sides must stick to facts and maintain civility. He agreed and even offered me his hand for a shake on it, to which I immediately and with as much hand pressure as I could muster (given that I am nearly 68 years old and have arthritis) grasped his hand for a firm shake . I have quit holding my breath for a public acknowledgement to set the record straight. His tactic of getting the right riled up was an effective one and there is no way he will disband his group of vigilantes. I am disgusted at the entire mess. Those of us who agree that discourse should be civil and STICK TO FACTS not unfounded fears MUST stand strong against these tirades.

    1. You totally rock Glenda! You are complete correct in you assessment of the entire episode.

      Too many people who were gunning for us (such as we are) never stopped to think about what they lost in this effort. Every elected official should be challenged by constituents with careful and thoughtful debate. These teabag people who were ginned up to intimidate and harass us never stopped to consider if maybe we had a good point or two to make, or that Ryan may not tell them the whole truth. Myopic and blind agreement is dangerous and lazy no matter what political side you agree with.

      And lastly, why was Paul Ryan so afraid to be debated? His supporters congratulate him for bullying the feisty ladies and never ask why he did it in the first place.

  5. Ryan afraid to debate??? Ryan had more townhall meetings than all other congressman/women and senators combined. Afraid to debate is when you have a teleconference bridge set up with only invitees and pre-screened questions. These so-called teabag people you speak up were not ginned up, we’re fed up. This administration is spending us right in the poor house like no other administration before it and they’ve done it just 6 months. This spending is going to lead to tax hikes for all who pay taxes and for our children as well. We were not organized by some group. We’re all in agreement about the same dilemma and we’re rallying to show our elected officials this.

    Let us not forget, Kelly, your email, as far as I could tell, was sent out by you acting in a professional capacity for C4C along with the DPW and OFC. Even though you are a constituent, you lost the title of “just a concerned constituent” when acting in this capacity and should be ready for a push back from your opposition. It’s politics Kelly and Glenda, don’t expect apologies from the right when the right doesn’t get them from the left. If it was acknowledged by the Ryan folks that they may have made a boo boo then I would except that as a small victory for yourselves but I would bet on a front page retraction or a parade….. Smile and move on…. heh… MoveOn…..

  6. Ric, er silent E, you seem to miss the point that holding meetings hardly qualifies as debating. When you stack sessions with adoring fans who are already hostile to opposing views you are AVOIDING a debate. We were outnumbered 50 to 1 in Eagle thanks to the “leaking” of an e-mail, which you (in your own words) “found pretty innocuous.” (I haven’t even mentioned your inaccurate and vastly exaggerated statement “Ryan had more townhall meetings than all other congressman/women and senators combined.” I’m pretty sure that you know the house is comprised of 435 representatives and the senate 100; even if we forgive 25 spots due to medical leaves, vacancies or those declining to hold town halls, and IF each member held only ONE meeting, that would mean that Ryan would have had to conduct a minimum of 510 meetings to exceed “all other congressman/women and senators combined.” Your exact words. I seem to recall that there were 17 planned health care sessions and one African-American open session. Point made?)

    As for your fiscal concerns, unless we get profit out (or at the very least limited) of health care we will never get our economy back on track. The GOP continues to harp on health insurance reform as leading to tax hikes for all, in spite of assurances that the only planned tax increase would be to return the wealthiest Americans to a level which was in place until Bush decided to let them keep more of their bucks. And I haven’t even touched on the billions we have spent on that unwarranted war. A war that has killed or permanently maimed hundreds of thousands vs a health care plan that will benefit all Americans. I hardly see a reasonable comparison. A point on which I am relatively certain, we won’t/can’t agree.

    Now, to say that Kelly and I “acting in a professional capacity for C4C” have “lost the title of ‘just a concerned constituent’ is ludicrous. Perhaps you should refer to Dictionary.com for a definition of a ‘professional’. There are several, but all seem to come to the same conclusion: Engaging in a given activity as a source of livelihood or as a career. We are VOLUNTEERS in a grassroots group; we receive NO PAY. (But we have lately been the recipients of threats of violence and bodily harm). All this simply because we have attempted to introduce a civil debate. (Debate, also a word you might want to look up on Dictionary.com.) One of our primary intentions for attending the Ryan listening sessions was to distribute flyers encouraging attendees to refer to two NON-PARTISAN websites devoted to debunking misinformation and establishing the facts irrespective of which side (left/right, Rep/Dem, conservative/progressive) has put forth the misinformation. Both Kelly and I (as well as the friends who accompanied us) did expect “a push back from [our] opposition”. What we didn’t expect was that our congressional representative would endorse such inflammatory language against us as to accuse us of planning “D-day style tactics” and “sabotage”. And that he would permit such vitriolic hostility to continue after having read an e-mail that clarified our intentions. I cannot understand why the right is so opposed to FACTS!!!!

    You further say “It’s politics Kelly and Glenda, don’t expect apologies from the right when the right doesn’t get them from the left.” I remember hearing words such as this in elementary school and even in junior high (Well, I won’t say I’m sorry, unless you say it first.”) Kelly was owed an apology for all the reason covered above. She received violent threats that were overheard by her nine-year-old daughter. Pretty frightening. I didn’t ask for, nor do I want or expect an apology from Paul Ryan. But I did hope that he would stand by his word and our handshake on “setting the record straight”; especially since we shook hands on it. Yet he has remained silent.

    Lies, fear mongering, comparisons to Hitler, intimidating five constituents (three senior women, one woman approaching middle age and one feisty, young woman)- just politics? No, it is the deterioration of one politican’s principles to win at any cost. “It is not truth that matters, but victory.” (Famous quote by Adolf Hitler.)

  7. What you don’t seem to get, Glenda, is the reason why you’re outnumbered… The majority don’t want government involved. These people aren’t organized, just motivated. You call yourselves constituents but us angry mobs… WTF???? Talk about juvenile.

    If you remove profit, you remove the ability to further investigative and experimental treatments and ideas. You will lose advancement of health care treatments. That’s a fact. If you want to remove profit how about starting with the profits of the trial lawyer which will greatly reduce the amount the physicians have to pay in malpractice insurance.

    The large part of these demonstrations is the fact that we have a 1700 page document that nobody had read. You don’t see this as being a problem? This issue needs to be discussed, debated and decided by rational thinking. We don’t need a bill that was written in secrecy and rammed down our throat without debate. This is WAY to big. This whole idea that the US will collapse if we don’t do something has grown a bit old in the last seven months.

    Please point out were Ryan endorsed anything. I already explained my stance on the letter so I will not repeat myself. The Ryan camp is not responsible for the threats.. I’ve explained that too.

    No, it is the deterioration of one politican’s principles to win at any cost. “It is not truth that matters, but victory.” (Famous quote by Adolf Hitler.)….. Have you ever heard of Nancy Pelosi??????

  8. Pardon me but I am getting off this merry go round. TOPIC: Did Paul Ryan’s office “leak” an “innocuous” e-mail to right wing media on 8/23? YES. Did such e-mail set off threatening, angry pro-Ryan supporters and result in Kelly Gallaher receiving threats of bodily harm? YES. On 8/23 was a second e-mail sent to did Paul Ryan’s office – one which verified there was no intent for disruption and specifically stated that attendees should conduct themselves in a respectful, courteous manner? YES. Did Paul Ryan’s office then “leak” that second e-mail to end the uproar and calm his supporters? NO – he allowed it to further foment as the threats increased. Did Paul Ryan offer a quasi-apology to Kelly Gallaher at Flatiron? YES. Did Paul Ryan agree with Glenda Alexander in a face-to-face conversation that the war between the left and right had to end? YES. Did Glenda Alexander ask Paul Ryan to step up to the plate and set the record straight as the first step in ending such war? YES. Did Paul Ryan then offer his hand and did Glenda Alexander then accept his hand in a firm handshake to seal the deal? YES. Has Paul Ryan held up his end of the agreement? NO.

  9. Oops, one final comment. I am NO fan of Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid! How did she get into this?

    1. Heh….there’s something you and I are in 100% agreement on. I’d love to see some different Democratic leadership in the House and Senate.

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