In Brief: Shebby mayor’s “sex tape,” Kind not running for Gov.

  • Sheboygan mayor Bob Ryan apologized today for sexual remarks he made about a relative that ended up on YouTube*. The video appears to have been shot using a cell phone camera, unbeknown to Ryan.

    *WARNING!! The video I’ve linked to is very graphic!

  • Rep. Ron Kind won’t be running for governor in 2010, citing his work in the U.S. House on health care reform. Rep. Kind’s decision not to run for governor could pave the way for a run by Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, and I sure hope Mayor Barrett considers running, because I’d hate to see a Democratic gubernatorial field consisting of Lt. Gov. Barb Lawton and no one else.
  • Though I don’t proclaim to be an expert on the Milwaukee County Budget, I’m more than a little disturbed that the budget proposed by Milwaukee County Executive Scott “Fiscally Responsible” Walker would greatly increase borrowing for capital projects, while also relying on an expected influx of federal stimulus aid to balance the county’s budget. What’s more, Walker wants to more than triple annual borrowing in 2010 to create his own “local economic stimulus plan.”

    More disturbing than the fact that Scott Walker’s proposed 2010 budget relies on an expected influx of federal stimulus aid, despite Walker’s previous public statements in opposition to such aid, is his
    proposal to balance this year’s budget at the expense of future budgets. In borrowing heavily in 2010, Scott Walker’s “credit card” budget would only push the county’s debt obligation into the future, passing the burden onto future residents of Milwaukee County. That’s not only irresponsible, it’s downright shameful, especially given the fact that Scott Walker’s supposed to be a fiscal conservative who spends within his means.

  • And finally, the Lawton for Governor campaign announced >Milwaukee County Democratic Party Chair Martha Love has endorsed Lt. Gov. Lawton for governor. Lt. Gov. Lawton has been busy locking up endorsements from elected officials across the state, and while endorsements obviously don’t guarantee a win on election day, it stands to reason if she continues to line up Democrats behind her candidacy, she could position herself as the inevitable Democratic gubernatorial nominee.

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