New Health Care for America Ad

Given the report today from Drew Altman, the President and CEO of the Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation that projects family insurance premiums at $24,180 by 2019, an increase of over $10,000 from the current $13,375, it is clear that comprehensive health care reform including a public option needs to be part of the health care bill.  If the insurance companies keep the public option out of play, then I would suggest a hefty excessive wage tax on all insurance company employees earning over $250,000 to pay for the extra premiums that their greed and shortsightedness will create for businesses and individual insurance purchasers alike.


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1 thought on “New Health Care for America Ad

  1. Isn’t a bit of a spurrious correlation to compare increases to health care premiums to increases in wages? After all, health care costs are increasing well above wage inflation.

    I would expect that health insurance premiums would rise as health care costs increase. The comparision between those two factors seems is more relevant.

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