President attempts to indocrinate American schoolchildren

Listen as then-President Ronald Reagan spoke to American schoolchildren in 1988, and pay close attention as Reagan espouses traditional moral values, lower taxes, and smaller government, all of which just coincidentally happen to be key tenets of the conservative movement:

I look forward to reading my conservative readers’ comments criticizing President Reagan for his shameless attempt to indoctrinate America’s schoolchildren with his conservative viewpoints.

H/T to Cory Liebmann.


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5 thoughts on “President attempts to indocrinate American schoolchildren

  1. Did President Reagan have a whole day planned out with curriculum for the kids? Did President Reagan surpass the authority of school boards by going directly to school administrators to show this video? Did Reagan change the content of the “speech” after outrage from the public? Has anybody from the congressional right held any official hearings and launched an investigation like they did to GHWB?

    Now tell me why President Obama changed his speech to deliver a more conservative message rather than talk about his liberal message of entitlements for all.

    Obama talking about personal responsibility was laughable…

    Please be clear about how the left reacted to the right when they gave speeches and put it all into context.

    1. E, I’m not reading much condemnation of President Reagan in your comments. What, it’s okay when “Saint Ronnie” espouses his conservative viewpoints to schoolkids, but it’s somehow not okay for President Obama to encourage kids to stay in school and strive for excellence?

      What’s laughable is your unwillingness to be honest and admit that this is hypocrisy. You can’t attack Obama for delivering a rather benign message to schoolkids while conveniently ignoring the blatantly ideological message delivered by President Reagan. Well, I suppose you could, but you’d be a Grade-A hypocrite.

  2. Yeah…I don’t like this speech either. I don’t think our Presidents should give speeches to our kids. But…this does show the hypocrisy of the conservatives.

  3. I’m still wondering exactly what are the “traditional moral values” he is speaking of?? Is that code for don’t be gay and know your place?? I hate to be so cynical…but being the heathen that I am I can’t help it.

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