SC – “The Laughing Stock of the Nation”

What’s the matter with South Carolina?

Following up on my earlier comment on a post here at Blogging Blue, I’m fascinated and repulsed by the continued hijinks of the South Carolina right wing, GOP. Joining the long list of troubled and troubling right wing extremists, hypocrites and downright nasty politicians is Rep “You Lie” Wilson.  You can see his outburst in the video elsewhere here on Blogging Blue.  Another national political blog (sorry I forget which one) captured what this outburst was all about with a repeat of tweet from HunterDK “Old White Southern Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC), confused, shouts at Obama to get off his lawn.”

Some backstory for those of you not following the complete SC political soap opera.  The soap opera not only includes Wilson, but also a steamy sex story involving C Street-blessed or cursed and now disgraced (but still  in office) Governor Sanford; his juicy and poetic e-mails to his Argentinian bombshell mistress; his misuse of private planes and first class air fare; his “hiking the Appalachian Trail”, while spending 5 days in Argentina;  his lovely spurned wife (now appearing in Vogue) and their 4 photogenic privately schooled boys; the ostensibly straight Senator Lindsay Graham; the former home schooling, erotica writing Chairwoman of the SC Board of Educaton; the Waterloo-spouting Jim DeMint; the allegedly gay, single and conservative Lt. Governor Bauer denying any sexual or moral hypocrisy and on and on.

Oh I forgot, the racist history of Strom Thurmond (who fathered a daughter with his African American maid)  should be added to this glorious mix of Southern Americana.  And how about the nastiness towards McCain with his “black” daughter back in 2000?

I’m still waiting for this melodrama to  be optioned for a cable mini-series.  It would be a winner, unlike the loser state.

On the positive side of the SC equation we have pushback including from a commenter at the State, a SC newspaper that had this to say according to Pam’s House Blend:   “It’s time for the people of South Carolina to stop excusing their elected officials.  Sanford has been a complete international embarasment.  DeMint walks around Washington as if no one knows a thing except him. And now Joe Wilson.”  The State commenter also called South Carolina “the laughing stock of the nation”, hence this post’s title.

Also on a positive note, we  have the State House of Representative where 61 Republicans sent a letter to the Governor asking him to resign, something he refuses to do given that as he says “God can use imperfect people to do his will” according to TPMMuckraker.   Will they have the gumption to initiate impeachment hearings on the Governor if he refuses to resign?

In an example of poor timing, yesterday the day that Joe “You Lie” Wilson was disgracing his party and his state; his son Alan Wilson was announcing his candidacy for Attorney General according to the Palmetto Scoop.  While not to impugn the son with the problems in anger management and inappropriate behavior found in his father, as they say “the acorn never falls far from the tree.”


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6 thoughts on “SC – “The Laughing Stock of the Nation”

  1. Great post. The whole thing in South Carolina is like a an epic novel, except no one would buy it, as no would think anything like this could ever really happen.

  2. No proof of U.S citizenship – That means illegals will get covered on the plan. Abortion is not excluded therefore it is covered.

  3. Oh but for the good old days and Presidents like Nixon and W. who never said anything that could be considered untrue.

    Dissent should be expressed by developing problem solving ideas which then cause a majority of Americans to desiere to vote for the purveyors of said ideas, not acting like the third drunk from the left who lost the pig raffle at Walts Corner Tap.

    But perhaps we hold Joe Wilson and the other disgraced politicians mentioned to too high a standard of conduct. If one has no better ideas, one is left to such antics. I noticed that when I wanted to give Wilson his well deserved ATTA-BOY! for blurting out like a third grader in a pep rally, the sites were all down, no doubt crashed from others that wished to congratulate him on what was most likely the most intelligent and well thought out debate position he has ever held on any subject.

    Tune in again next week when Wilson yells out “I know you are, but what am I?”

  4. Joe Wilson from South Carolina, is just another good old boy where in the morning these married men preach to you that there should be prayer in our schools and in the evening they are on their cell phones setting up a date with their other women on the side, hypocrisy has been bred in. I am not surprised that he felt compel to yell like he was at some Friday night game. He is a hater not a debater like most of his side of the isle.

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