The Nation Commends Senator Feingold on Afghan Position

Katrina Vanden Heuvel at the Nation says that Senator Feingold has it right when it comes to his call for a timed pull-out of Afghanistan. Her posting came in response to Feingold’s editorial in The Wall Street Journal “The Road Home from Afghanistan” where he stated “after eight long years, we seem to be no closer to the end of war in Afghanistan.”  In his editorial, he argues that we may be de-stabilizing the region by our continued presence there and suggests that we plan for a “flexible timetable” to withdraw from Afghanistan.

I subscribe to both the print and online editions of the WSJ, but have to admit that I missed his editorial, because I rarely if ever read their editorials,  since most of their house staff editorials are right wing drivel and they only occasionally have intelligent commentary from progressive writers like Senator Feingold.


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