Stay classy, Dave Westlake (part deux)

Earlier tonight, I wrote about Dave Westlake’s apparent support of Congrressman Joe Wilson’s classless heckling of President Obama during the president’s address to Congress, and at the time, I noted Westlake had removed his original Tweet supporting Rep. Wilson. However, just a few minutes ago, Dave Westlake was kind enough to confirm that he supports heckling a sitting president during a presidential address to Congress. In a Tweet to Dave Westlake, user jimspice asked,

@dbwestlake If you have “No Fear of Standing Up for What’s Right” why did you yank your tweet supporting #JoeWilson.

about 1 hour ago from web

In response, Westlake noted:

@jimspice I didn’t–I just changed it. In fact, I sent 2 other ones out!

40 minutes ago from HootSuite in reply to jimspice

I’d just like to thank Dave Westlake for confirming that his idea of “leadership” includes heckling the president during an address to Congress, and I’ll just say that if heckling and acting like a buffoon is Dave Westlake’s idea of “real leadership” in Washington, then Wisconsin would certainly be better off reelecting Senator Russ Feingold for another term in the U.S. Senate.


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6 thoughts on “Stay classy, Dave Westlake (part deux)

  1. Dave Westlake has a bit more conviction than Joe Wilson does to stand behind what he says. The funny thing is that guys like me were not overly familiar with Joe Wilson until last night. You lefties have flipped out so much because you are afraid of people standing up to this administration. Guess what, Dave Westlake is apparently not afraid of liberal thugs trying to hunt him down for supporting Joe Wilson calling out The One when He spread misinformation about this plan.

      1. There were two amendments, PB, that were voted down on party lines that would have provided airtight safeguards to prevent illegal immigrants from taking advantage of care provided by the public option. You guys just have chosen to conveniently ignore that in your efforts to demonize Joe Wilson.

        The One was spreading misinformation about a plan he sponsors and he got called out by someone who actually read HR 3200 (which the President did not based on some of the ignorant statements he has made about it).

        Nice try.

        Out of curiosity, what in the world are you doing up at 3:32? I hope you don’t have to get up that early. I did that for a while while working at a coffee shop and that was nuts.

    1. Cameron, why the need for name calling? What, liberals are “thugs” when they dare show some backbone, while it’s perfectly okay for conservatives to say whatever they want and they’re heroes?

      1. No, they’re not thugs when they show backbone. I never said that, you did. However, take a look at Obama’s cabinet. It is a grouping of Chicagoland political thugs that have used manipulation and intimidation to rally support for their causes. If you have been paying attention to what has been going on in Illinois since…it was a state, then you would know that it is a political cesspool. But somehow Obama & Co. are all white as snow?

        “…it’s perfectly okay for conservatives to say whatever they want and they’re heroes?”

        Not if it is ill-informed and misguided. Obama and his ilk are not receptive to more accepted means of communication (things like Paul Ryan submitting the Patients’ Choice Act, then not hearing a word back from Congressional Democrats or Obama). Sometimes it takes something drastic to bring attention to idiotic statements that are passed as truth (like The One’s claim that illegal immigrants would not receive care in the current plan).

  2. The thing is, both parties have issues and as a hard core democrat that Westlake fella actually makes some really good points. I just saw a new video he just posted on youtube and it really made me think. I like Russ Feingold but after watching the video I began to think Westlake might be right, all these years their job was to see the problem and fix it but did nothing. As far as the president is concerned, blurting out happens on both sides.

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