The Party of Fury in La La Land Suffering a Meltdown

Bill Clinton and Paul Ryan, not a pair you’d think would agree on much, but they almost did.

When asked about attacks on Obama in a recent Esquire interview , Clinton called out the Republicans saying “they’re in la-la land.” Meanwhile, Ryan, in today’s The Wall Street Journal, was quoted as saying “Republicans need to be careful not be seen as a party of fury.” He got it partially right with his party of fury comment, but unfortunately is too late in his warning given that the party is already seen as one of fury and hate after a month plus of teabaggers, birthers, secessionists, screamers and gun toting crazies at town hall meetings across the country.

This “fury and la-la-land” image was cemented by the demented act of Joe “You Lie” Wilson, not to be confused with Joe “Bush Lied” Wilson of Valerie Plame fame.

Ryan also said “There is a danger, that we are seen as shrill and angry.  We have to be seen as problem-solvers who are principled and offer clear alternatives.” This certainly is a reasonable statement.  The problem is not only being too late with his warnings and but also not being heard within his party given the party’s embrace of the shrill, angry and racist behavior of its most fringe elements.   As for principles, what do you call a party that continuously flip flops on issues as part of its political gamesmanship – principled or unprincipled?


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